Camu Camu

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Want a whole food source of Vitamin C? I wanted a source that wasn’t made by the chemists at Dupont (like most on the market), something that came from whole foods with no additives and sweeteners.  I found one!  With more than 30 times the Vitamin C content of oranges, Camu Camu berries deliver a powerful blast of antioxidants to boost your immune system.  Anderon Martel, the Superhero of Superfoods that I told you about in a recent post, is importing a fair trade, organic, raw food  version of these berries through his company Bright Earth Foods.  He shared some common, and not-so-common uses for the powder in the interview you will find at the bottom on this post.  If you like the interview, do me a favor and post a comment below or on the Delicious Revolution iTunes podcast page.

Adding Camu Camu to Smoothies & Juices:
This use is an obvious no brainer.  Why not add an antioxidant boost with some hints of hibiscus, berry and citrus flavor? I have been adding it my acai bowls (pictured above) and getting rave reviews from the family at the breakfast table.  The raw food recipe for acai bowls is in the free e-book offered to the right of this post called Fat or Fit: Breakfasts that make the difference.  Both the acai and the camu camu powder I use in that recipe are from Bright Earth Foods. I switched after tasting the difference between the Navitas brand of cacao I was using and tried their raw cacao powder.  Hear more about Bright Earth Foods and the impressive CEO who is changing the way Superfoods are grown and harvested in the Superfood Superhero post.

Using Camu Camu as a facial scrub
Before anybody took the time to teach me about facials, skin extractions, and general skin care, I got a blackhead that left what I used to refer to as “the black hole”.  It is really just a small open pore, scared from before I knew how to care for my skin.  But it has always felt like a small divot on the right side of my face when it comes time to do make up, pluck my brows, or do any facial care that calls for the use of those magnifying mirrors.    Why am I telling you all of this?  Becasue after my interview with Anderon, I decided to run a few experiments on myself.  I have done a facial once a week for the last month. My skin looks great, which I suspected after talking with him, but what I didn’t expect is that the pore pit that has bugged me since I was twelve, looks smaller and far less noticeable than it ever has.  Whoo hoo.  Camu Camu is my new friend.

Amazing Natural Deodorant
There was one more experiment I did after hearing that camu camu could be used as a natural deodorant.  I simply powdered my pits with camu camu for the last month to test the rumor.  I have tried the crystal, the rock, every paraben-free, aluminum-free option on the market and never found anything that really works.  This stuff actually gets the job done.  I can’t believe it.  I put it through the real test by doing my hot yoga class (which has me dripping with sweat before we are done with the first sun salutations) and guess what, no stink.  The best part of using the camu camu as a deodorant is that the Vitamin C is easily absorbed through the skin!  Not only have I been stink free for the last month using only camu camu powder, I have also been getting a daily Vitamin C boost via the skin under my arms.  Double win!

Suppressing Herpes & Healing Depression with Camu Camu
Gary Null, Ph.D., in his Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Healing, lists 19 plants which contain anti-herpetic phytochemicals.  At the top of that list is camu camu. It is number two on his list of natural, healing options for depression as well.  Since over 90% of the U.S. population deals with one variation of herpes virus or another, this ought to be a more commonly used superfood.

I’ll be experimenting more with recipes to incorporate this excellent, whole food source of vitamin C.  I’ll be sure to post them here in the site.


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