Cleansing: Do-It-Yourself Basics

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Cleansing can be as easy as cutting out the foods most commonly know to cause upset to the body in one form or another. 

While you don’t need a class, a book, a partner or a teacher,  those things make the process a little easier and a lot more fun. I offer a free guide to cleansing that will give you an overview common cleanses and help you decide if you want to do a more regimented cleanse, but here are the basics for a Do-it-Yourself Cleanse.

Focus on what you want: Decide WHY you want to cleanse!  Cleansing with no intention is more difficult. Once you decide on your goal, it’s easy to keep your eye on the prize & your mind off foods that might tempt you off your cleanse.  You may be going through something stressful, or maybe you’ve packed on a few pounds eating in a way you intuitively know does not serve your highest self. I like to cleanse to reward my body.  It continues to serve me well day in & day out so why not treat it to a vacation by giving it 3-5 days a months of green juice. Just the way you might take a weekend getaway to keep your connection strong with your partner, a quick  juice cleanse makes you more connected to your body.

Start Simple:  If you’ve never cleansed before start with a simple whole foods cleanse.  That means eat foods that are ONE ingredient foods, like an apple or even rice or beans.  But not bread or pasta which has multiple ingredients. Focus on eating primarily leafy greens for their alkalizing mineral content.

Foods generally avoided while cleansing: wheat, corn, soy, dairy, meat (some cleanses allow antibiotic &  hormone-free meats in small quantities), processed sugars, caffeine and alcohol. Some take it further and avoid nightshades, higher sugar fruits & veggies and even citrus.  Me, I stick to raw foods and minimal cooked foods (soups, teas, etc).

How Do I Cleanse? (Personally):  I get this question a lot since I teach the online raw food course Rocking Body Raw Food as well as cleansing & healthy eating classes at Cups Culinary in La Jolla. When I want to do a quick, easy cleanse I do the following…

  1. Zeolite Clay: I start the night before my cleanse by taking a high quality Zeolite clay, my favorite is ZeoForce but there are many on the market. The goal with this is to let this highly alkalizing clay absorb toxins, specifically heavy metals, ammonia, and radioactive particles so they can be passed out through the stool.  (Too much information probably, but I hate to share a product I use without explaining why I use it!). I use 2 Tablespoons of the clay in 1 cup of water each night before I go to bed.
  2. Lemon Water:  I start my cleanse days with a simple pint of water with fresh squeezed lemon followed by a 1/4 cup of noni juice. I prefer the Golden Noni from Bright Earth Foods.
  3. Green Drinks & Raw Soups: When I get hungry I enjoy my green drinks & raw soups (heated if I feel the need).  You’ll find  free recipe for green drinks, green juices & raw soups on the recipe page here on the site.
  4. To support clarity of mind, I enjoy 1/4 teaspoon of  Brain Food by Bright Earth Foods in a pint of water.  It’s Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae with the cell wall removed to enable PEA (the “love molecule”) absorption by the brain.  I love this stuff! I’ve kissed PMS goodbye with a combination of Brain Feed and Chaste Tree Berry.
  5. Rinse & repeat!  Start all over with the Xeolite before bed.

Note: As a woman, I find it helpful to due a “quickie cleanse” during that time of the month. Fueling my body with nutrient-rich  liquids works well for me, especially since I tend to lose my appetite as soon as I get crampy.  It means less cooking, a lighter digestive load for my body, and a cleansing, refreshing break for a few days each month.

Always feel out your own needs, set up your plan and then check with your health practitioner before you cleanse.


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