Easy Almond Milk

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Homemade almond milk has unbelievable flavor when compared to the boxed varieties.  If you are on the fence about taking a few minutes to make your own fresh nut or seed milks at home check out all the benefits:

  • fresher, more creamy taste
  • you can flavor the milk any way you like (vanilla, cacao, fresh berries, or maca for a malted taste)
  • you have almond pulp left over (to use for raw, vegan desserts that will blow your mind!)
  • generate less waste with no milk cartons or boxes
  • hands on, connected feeling to your food
  • if you include kids,  connected time in the kitchen with little ones
  • less waist

When you and your family make your own milk you will be happy to find that you won’t see half finished glasses of milk laying around the house.  When you invest your time and energy to make the milk yourself, flavor it your way, and store it in glass containers you treat it more like a treat than a staple beverage.  Here is a video how-to that shows the simple process of making your own almond milk.


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  • This is WAY better than the Gallon of Soy milk I’ve been drinking every week. The dates make it Delicious!
    Great Idea.
    Thanks for the Video.

  • Evie

    I love this almond milk! its so delicious and fresh! Better than ANY milk I have ever tried!

  • Joy

    Glad to hear you are backing away from SOY products. Replacing soy with almond or rice milk is a healthy switch for sure.

  • Joy

    Try it with a little raw cacao powder or fresh berries for a sweet version. Delicious!

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  • Alla

    What is the glass container you used in this video called?

  • Joy

    You will LOVE these pitchers, they are by Frigoverre and available on Amazon. The one in the video is the mid size they offer, I have all three sizes and adore them. No leaching plastics, and no thin frail glass – this is thick stuff that I’ve clanked arounf quit a bit and it hold up very well. I recommend them so ofter that there is a post just about these pitchers.

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  • Jessie

    Love this recipe! In case anyone else is using a BlendTec Blender, you have to blend half a batch at a time, even in the “wild-side” pitcher, otherwise it will be coming out the top. I also found that the automatic setting for “soups/syrups/fondues” is a better option for blending with soaked nuts than the “whole juice” button. It makes much smoother, warm milk and draws more out of the almonds than the “whole juice” option (which sounds closer to Joy’s results). So delicious! Warm Maca FACA is my new favorite :o)

  • Joy

    Did you try “The Healthy Latte” recipe. There is an updated post that shares my new twist on this raw food recipe for coffee. Try that one too and let me know which one you like better.

  • prue

    Hey joy this is an awesome way to make milk i will try it soon, I am using bonsoy milk (japanese soy milk) at the moment though is this okay or not at all? thanks

  • jane

    Does this milk taste good with traditional black tea? I want to find a good replacement to cows milk.

  • Joy

    Yes! As a matter of fact I use it as the base for a raw version of Chai! See how to make a raw, vegan version of chai tea here.

  • Joy

    The issue is the high heat processing & (all too often) aluminum vats in which the processing occurs. I don’t have the specifics on that brand, so I can’t help you decide if it is a good choice. But, I’m thrilled to know you will be making your own milk now using the easy almond milk recipe.

  • Can you be specific on How you use the Vanilla beans?

  • Joy

    Sure thing Bert. Cut the vanilla bean lengthwise. When you do you will see dark seeds that look kind of sappy. Scrape all that yummy goodness from half the vanilla bean pod into your almond milk to flavor it. You can save hte other half for your next batch by wrapping it up and storing it in the fridge. You can also make delicious use of the pod itself (the half you scraped the seeds out of) by putting it in a pitcher of drinking water. It makes a cooling, tasty treat to keep you well hydrated.
    Hope that helps,

  • Ro HeB

    I am not a hater in any way, and I do appreciate the recipe as I am vegan and love making “milks”, but how come that any tutorial by or for Americans is like ten times longer than needed? I mean, this would easily have been clearly demonstrated in 2 minutes. And still, after making these lengthy and over-clear clips – some IDIOT always asks something that is either clearly told in the clip, or perfectly obvious for a Hamster of normal wits…

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