Fresh Juice Storage

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How long to store fresh juices

How long can I store my fresh made juices?

A popular question with a far less popular answer.

Ideally we could wash a shit ton of fresh produce and whip up enough juice for the whole week.  WRONG!

The staying power of your juices will depend on the type of juicer that you have.  The more heat and oxygenation that happens with your style of juicer, the less likely the juice is to keep well.

The BingDon’t throw tomatoes at me!  Save them for your juice.

Juices give you easy access to powerful nutrients in fresh vegetables and fruits without requiring your body to do the “heavy lifting” of digesting all that produce.  In essence: the juicer allows you to cut straight to consuming the liquid jewels in that produce.

Juicing is powerful nutrition, especially since so many people are stressed out and rushed during meals, and not fully chewing their food as they should.  All those things contribute to poor digestion.  Throw in the mix that an ever-increasing percentage of us have some form of digestive complaint and juicing just might be our liquid super hero.

To keep the super power of juices they must be consumed FRESH. The fresher the better!

Here is my snobby, harsh, overly-protective-of-you guidelines for the storage of fresh juices.

THREE DAYS:  When vegetables are juiced in a dual process method that starts with trituration (grinding) and ends with being pressed, they have the BEST staying power  (and flavor in my admittedly snobby opinion).  This means you can use a the grinding plate of a juicer like the Champion and then a People’s Press or go straight the Ferrari of Juicers, the Norwalk (preemptive apology for the shouty caps…I AM HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH MY NORWALK!).  Provided you store the juice in glass jars filled all the way to the top (to prevent exposure to more air) and cap them well, they will taste damn near as good on day 3 as they do when you press them.  I suggest using mason jars with the reusable lids for this task.

ONE DAY:  When you use a masticating juicer,  I find that the juices keep well for one day (24 hours) without any serious degradation of flavor.  Past that I can’t say I was that pleased with the results.  Again- use glass jars, filled to the brim, capped and well chilled in the fridge.

ZERO DAYS (drink it FRESH):  When you have a centrifugal juicer like the Breville Juice Fountain Elite  (Sniff, sniff. Slight tears as I reminisce my first juicer. So fast, so easy. Oh how I miss you!) you will need to juice up and drink up!  This type of juicer does expose the produce to some heat and air so you are best off getting the juice fresh out of the spout.  That said, if you are headed off to work and you can’t have fresh juice there- I’d say pack it up in glass containers (as described above) and enjoy the juice you’ve got access to.


  • All juice is best consumed right when it is pressed.  For enzyme preservation this is your absolute best bet.
  • Any juice is better than no juice!  Don’t judge your juicer, just drink your juice!
  • Fit juicing in when you can.  If juicing at night for the next morning is the best you can do, go for it.
  • Always store juice in glass containers with as little air as possible between the surface of the juice & the lid.
  • Keep in mind the higher the sugar content of juice the higher the likelihood of spoilage.
  • Keep in mind that some ingredients like lemon or lime can act as natural preservatives.

This is one of those healthy topics that can get people all fired up.  AS I mentioned above, I am admittedly over cautious when it comes to storing juices.  Please post your questions and comments below. I’ll do my best to get you answers.

EVEN BETTER… If you have suggestions, routines, or tricks that make juicing fast, funner, or easier to clean up share them below.  This may be a time-consuming habit, but YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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