Going Green: Healthy Fuel

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When it comes to “Going Green” and saving the planet most people think they have the most impact by minding the fuel emissions from their automobiles. While being fuel conscious with your car is a valiant attempt at saving the planet, you have more impact by being mindful of the way you fuel your body!

The truth is that auto pollution is THIRD behind the production of energy and the raising of MEAT!  That means that you can have a massive impact on pollution by omitting or massively reducing the amount of meat you eat.

Getting your energy from fresh organic fruits and vegetables from a local source is better for your health because it provides more…

  • vitamins & minerals
  • phytonutients and antioxidants
  • soluble and insoluble fiber
  • alkaliziation

While also creating less pollution because it is

  • not grown with damaging pesticide
  • farmed with out soil depleting fertilizers
  • not transported as far, therefore using less fuel
  • not made into processed food which expends massive energy and chemicals

The transition from a diet laden with meat, dairy and processed foods to a diet that is better for you and the planet can be easy and DELICIOUS with the the tips, tricks and recipes in THE DELICIOUS REVOLUTION.

Ready to be a SUPERSTAR of GREEN EATING ??

If you are a Type A overachiever like me you may want to make massive change and make it NOW.  You can experience ALL the health and environmental impact mention above PLUS eat foods in their natural state, there by expending even LESS energy with a Raw Food Diet.


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