Top 5 Alkaline Food Recipes

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Balancing the pH of your body can have dramatic effects. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing people regain a life of confidence and vitality after years of struggling with everything from obesity to near- death bouts with cancer! Seeing is believing when it comes to the changes alkalizing can make, and I am a believer.  The best thing about alkalizing your diet is that it is a self propelling process.  Once you start to make changes, your cravings are altered and you actually want more veggies and less sugar and junk. That means that unlike diets that get harder as time goes on, making alkaline changes gets easier.

Eating a high raw food diet is naturally alkaline, provided you do not eat an excess of fruits or overdue the natural sweeteners.  This short video explains the top three reasons the raw food diet works so well; enzymes, alkalization, and enzymes.

However, the Standard American Diet is highly acidic.  That acidity can wreak havoc, causing weight gain, water retention, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin conditions, and even cancer.  If you are looking to make small changes with resounding effects,  I have compiled a short e-book that shares the top 5 recipes for alkalizing your body. The book contains an explanation as to why each one makes a healthful, alkalizing addition to your current eating style. It also includes a full page recipe card for each suggested dish. This e-book is free for subscribers.

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  • AJ Bilbrey

    Desperately looking to get back in shape, exercise and rid myself of my terrible acidic eating habits since I quit smoking two+ years ago. I was always able to get in shape after I quit smoking and although my best friend and father passed away and its only me and my mom, I want to learn how to eat better so I can feel better, lose weight, and get my energy back. I also would like to learn how to make alkaline foods in my dehydrator.

  • Joy

    Check the recipe page here on the site and if you want more direction with dehydration you may want to consider doing the Rocking Body Raw Food Course.

  • Rob

    It’s good to see a lot of action on the Ph. scene and nutrition, as a good Ph. range is essential to nutrient assimilation. I think a lot of supplements are being wasted in either very acidic or very alkaline environments. Killing the germ thinking is being sidelined in favor of not giving germs a place to thrive. Pasteur discovered penicillin but I think he also basically refuted his own findings to a degree when he said the germ is nothing, the milieu is everything ! Maybe someone can correct or elaborate. Anyway great stuff to see someone working on Acid/Alkaline balance.

  • Using Food Recipes we maintain the our health and body positions.Maintains the diet with the food recipes automatically our health condition.short e-book is providing importent information and it is helpful how to take the healthful food and many thins providing.Really nice.

  • Joy

    Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the free PDF.

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