Whole Foods Rocks!: Coconut Oil in Glass Jars

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Finally: A Yummy Coconut Oil in Glass Jars

My search for a tasty coconut oil available in eco-friendly glass jars has come to a happy end thanks to the far reaching customer service hand of Whole Foods.  I sent an inquiring tweet and got a prompt answer back; try Spectrum brand. They explained that availability might vary between store locations but that the rep believed they provided coconut oil in glass jars.  Sure enough they did, I tried it and YUM.  It’s delicious.  Happy me and happy planet!

If you don’t have a Whole Foods near you (so sorry),  you can try ordering Spectrum brand Coconut Oil through Amazon.   Today it is $5.99, but their prices change all the time so check first before you order.

Spectrum Coconut oil


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  • Dru

    I applaud you on your successful search! I know you have endured several other brands.

  • Joy

    Hey Drew, great to hear from you! We miss you popping in for dinner. It might be a bit longer drive for you now, but we’d LOVE to see you!

  • Ann

    If only this was extra virgin, bummer!

  • Joy

    Not to worry Ann, since this post I found a FAR SUPERIOR choice in coconut oil. The Bright Earth Foods brand coconut oil is my new favorite! You can check out this delicious coconut oil here.

  • Helen

    I purchased 2 jars of this on yesterday and to my surprise, it smell like coconut. I wasn truely surprised because a few years ago, 3 or 4 years, I informed the company that I was not a happy camper because the aroma was missing. They apologigized but kept it out for a few years. I wonder what happened for them to replace the aroma. I LOVE this suff. FYI-it is found in Publix, Wal-mart, Commissaries, lot of places.

    Thanks Spectrum

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