Why a Raw Food Diet?

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You may have noticed that more and more of the recipes shared here on The Delicious Revolution and in the subscriber newsletter are raw food recipes.  It is a fun and nutritionally fascinating frontier in my culinary adventures that I am really enjoying.  For those of you who are not familiar with the benefits of a raw food diet, check out this video.  I put this together for people who are doing the 14 day Rocking Body Raw Food Diet, a two week course in raw food complete with video tutorials for every recipe.  This short video cover the benefits beyond high fiber, fresh nutrients, vitamins and minerals which should be obvious. “Why A Raw Food Diet?” covers three basic advantages you might not be aware of. This two part video is 14 minutes total and is worth the view if you are the least bit curious about how raw foods make it easy to loose weight and heal the body of various dis-ease.  Check this out.

Why A Raw Food Diet Part 1 (9 minutes)

Why A Raw Food Diet Part 2 (7 minutes)

Are you ready for the Rocking Body Raw Food 14 day cleansing diet?

Delicious Revolution readers have advance access to the book for only $35 by clicking HERE.  For less than the cost of one raw food class you get recipes for a full two week menu, shopping lists, a day by day guide and loads of helpful information on cleansing and making the most of  your raw food diet.

You deserve to loose the extra weight, get your body back into a state of ease, and return your form into the vibrant energetic being that you naturally are.  To do that you need to eat natural, whole, living foods.  The Rocking Body Raw Foods diet is actually more of a 14 day class than a cleanse.  Sure you are  giving your body a HUGE break by being off all processed foods, meat, dairy and soy- but you won’t notice what you are not eating!  You will be too busy enjoying the delicious foods you ARE eating! You will be learning how to transform veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds into everything from breakfast scrambles to decadent caramel. The un-cooking skills you learn in this 14 day Diet will empower you to make a healthy revolution that lasts your extended lifetime.


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