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Delicious Revolution

Food Revolution Hits Critcal Mass

A revolution takes many. When one stands against the status quo, there is opposition.  When those who oppose stand together there is resistance.  When resistance reaches critical mass, there is revolution. Last month when I saw that Martha Stewart included a full spread on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen in her […]

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The Delicious Revolution Hits Trinidad & Tabago

Radio Interview with Health Advocate Brian Springer In Trinidad Trinidad and Tabago’s leading health advocate on radio and internet is Brian Springer. Brian graciously invited me to speak on his radio show to promote The Delicious Revolution Cookbook.  Despite the early technical difficulties, the conversation was lively and fun.  Since it was my first live […]

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Healthy Chocolate: The perfect gift!

Empower Guiltless Chocolate Indulgence Why give an ass-expanding box of typical holiday chocolates when you could empower your favorite chocoholics to indulge in healthy, delicious ways.  Raw chocolate contains the same beneficial fats as olive oil and more antioxidants than green tea.  It contains fiber, iron, vitamin C and more!  The only thing that makes […]

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Skinny Bitch: Gateway to Healthy Eating

Skinny Bitch: Little Book, Big Change Kristin Bretthauer found her path to healthy eating and was kind enough to share her story with us.  This woman is an absolute knock out!  To look at her now, you would probably assume she’s just another genetically blessed, tall, thin blond that eats whatever she wants and never […]

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Whole Foods Rocks!: Coconut Oil in Glass Jars

Finally: A Yummy Coconut Oil in Glass Jars My search for a tasty coconut oil available in eco-friendly glass jars has come to a happy end thanks to the far reaching customer service hand of Whole Foods.  I sent an inquiring tweet and got a prompt answer back; try Spectrum brand. They explained that availability […]

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Coconut Oil in Eco-Friendly Glass Jars

I have been looking for organic coconut oil that comes in an eco-friendly glass jar.  It seems like glass would be the standard container of choice, since most users of this product are health conscious people with green intentions. Alas, the brand I love seem to come in plastic jars.  Nutiva and Nature’s Way are […]

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Gift Ideas For Healthy Cooking

Great Gifts For Healthy Eaters Here is a free PDF for you that contains links to all the items reviewed in the video above.  If you’re not down with downloading more stuff to your computer, you can also access descriptions and links to the recommended kitchen gear HERE.  Happy crowd-free, from-the comfort-of your-home, no-stress, holiday […]

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Holiday Favorites Made Healthy

Need a healthy spin on your favorite holiday dishes?? The Godizilla that tramples my healthy eating during the holiday season is my mother-in-law’s Lemon Bars.  They are tangy and sweet with just enough tartness that they border on, but do not cause the sour pucker or that tinge of jaw pain that accompanies a bite […]

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Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Handy Guide to Produce for your iPhone The Environmental Working Group has an iPhone app to keep you up to speed on the dirtiest and cleanest produce.  I spring for organic on everything I can.  But in a pinch, if I have to buy conventional produce I like to spend my dollars in support of […]

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