Baby’s First Foods

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Healthy eating and the benefits it brings to me and my family are a top priority for me. Now that it’s time to introduce my son to foods I find myself less than excited about the recommendations I get from our pediatrician.  The fact that doctors are given almost no nutritional training becomes glaringly obvious when their recommendation for baby’s first foods is a form of wheat the closely resemble fish food flakes.

Alternate introductory baby foods that I am inspired by are listed in the World Health Organization pdf on Complementary Feeding.  The WHO does not have to concern themselves with the political and financial fallout from ignoring lobbyists for huge processed food companies and commercial farming giants pressuring for one food or another to be listed.  I’ll take the WHO recommendations over those taught to mainstream pediatricians by the FDA and the AAP any day.  You know that feeling you get when you read Truth?  That’s what I got when I read the WHO recommendations.  Oppose that to the sick feeling I got when I looked at the processed wheat flakes the pediatrician recommended and …

Bon Appetite Maverick! This baby’s first food will be avocado thinned with a little of Mommy’s breast milk.  Real food for my real miracle.



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