Calphalon Stands Behind Their Products

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Calphalon is hands down my top choice for non-stick pans.  Pricey?  Certainly more than your standard issue pan from any store that ends in mart, but worth every damn penny.  I am meticulous about caring for my pans; silicone utensils, sponges not scrubcalphalon-pan pads, no soaking to soften the surface.  You name it if there is something I can do to keep non-stick surfaces on pans and out of the bloodstreams of my family members, I’ll do it.  Those pans have been in my kitchen arsenal for  7 years at least, maybe longer.  Even with proper care I noticed that the surface of the pan started to look suspicious, not quite peeling or flaking, but it looked as if it might start due to tiny areas that seemed to be swelling away from the pan.

I mailed two pans back to Calphalon for inspection along with a letter about my concerns. I guess that was two weeks ago, three weeks tops.  Yesterday two brand new pans came to replace the pans I was concerned about.  Now that may sound like basic warranty type care to you, and I agree that it is the best way to handle a concerned customer.   But the thing is this is the second time I have requested that they inspect them.  Rather than deflect my concerns, question the warranty time lines, or flat out ignore me- they simply stood firm behind their product.  That shines so brightly in any era, but it is especially brilliant in today’s ecomomy.

At a time when I might be questioning wether or not to stand by brands I trust or opt for cheaper alternatives, Calphalon has clearly sent the signal that they stand by their brand ensuring that I wil too.  Calphalon, thanks for being a stand up brand even when the ecomomy is lying down.


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