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Food Inc.The Movie

SEE THIS FILM! The Netflix envelope that arrived  yesterday carried more than a plastic DVD, it carried a renewed sense of hope and a spark that reignited my passion.  I can’t say I learned anything from Food Inc. because it is sort of a Reader’s Digest version of the best books on food production the […]

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Filming Recipes

We are having a blast filming recipes from the Delicious Revolution. Thankfully we have been able to merge making meals for the family and filming. The only real difference for me is the make up and lighting. Well, that and talking through what I am doing while I cook. The is starting to seem like […]

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David Wolfe comments on The Delicious Revolution

WOW-am I having the best day ever!  I recently reconnected (thanks to FaceBook) with a friend from junior high school.  I remember him as a fun loving cohort in silly antics that made french class and science labs exponentially more fun.  He is still making life a lot more fun (and healthy) for people, but […]

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Say Raw Cheese

Delicious Raw Cheese from Happy Cows in an Organic Pasture Thanks to the lovely Lucy Anne of Willamette Valley Cheese Company I will have the luxury of rich fabulous, craft cheeses (note there is no K in craft) while on my raw foods cleanse starting October 3rd.  The three things that I consider dietary splurges […]

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Arbequinas in Oregon?

That’s right the growers at Red Ridge Farms have successfully grown the Spanish Arbequina olives in the rich soul of the Red Hills of Dundee, Oregon (famous for its fabulous vineyards).  Although Spain’s climate is warmer than Oregon, the warming climate trend has made it possible for the trees to thrive there.  Hardy down to […]

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Calphalon Stands Behind Their Products

Calphalon is hands down my top choice for non-stick pans.  Pricey?  Certainly more than your standard issue pan from any store that ends in mart, but worth every damn penny.  I am meticulous about caring for my pans; silicone utensils, sponges not scrub pads, no soaking to soften the surface.  You name it if there […]

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Baby’s First Foods

Healthy eating and the benefits it brings to me and my family are a top priority for me. Now that it’s time to introduce my son to foods I find myself less than excited about the recommendations I get from our pediatrician.  The fact that doctors are given almost no nutritional training becomes glaringly obvious […]

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Creamsicle Cravings

One of the sweets I wanted to emulate with healthier sweets was the good old fashioned orange creamsicle. Now when I was a kid this was actually made with regular sugar, fruit juice and ice cream, but take a look at the ingredients list on a box of those things nowadays and you’ll need a […]

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Partial to Parsley

I can’t say I’m really big on parsley. It’s great in tabouli after it’s been marinated in the lemon and olive oil and spices that give the dish such flavor. I manage to squeeze some parsley into our diet via my raw versions of falafel and “neat”balls. But for how detoxifying and full of chlorophyl […]

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