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Sweet Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit in Season Now

Stock up on Grapefruits and enjoy these two easy recipes.

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Berry Bowl

Berry Breakfast Bowls

The Summer Berry Jam makes a fabulous, not-too-sweet topping for fresh berries with soaked oat groats.  This berry breakfast bowl is an easy raw food diet recipe that gets its staying power from soaked oat groats.  Nutritionally, oat groats  are a great source of manganese, selenium, fiber and protein.  In terms of taste, they offer […]

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Eat Fruit By Itself?

I received a follow up question from the last post that I will share with you since it is a subject of debate in and out of the raw food community. Eating fruit, should it be consumed alone or in combination with other foods?

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Soaking Grains

I recently got an email from a fellow student at Living Light Academy of Culinary Arts asking about grains.   Since his question is one that comes up often, I am sharing the information here on the blog for reference. Q: Hello Joy, This is Jan from Science of Raw Food Nutrition. I went to check […]

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Cacao Crispies

Who needs Coco Crispies when you can have these delicious Cacao Crispies made from buckwheat groats?  Buckwheat lowers blood glucose and insulin responses, softening the bodies reaction to that natural sweetener maple.  Read more about buckwheat’s health benefits here. You could use raw honey as the sweetener instead, but I have a one year old […]

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Maverick Bars

Raw Cranberry Granola Bars Another raw cuisine experiment with happy results.  For raw to-go baby food I usually use avocados, but I wanted to add a raw granola bar to our to-go menu. This raw granola bar with cranberries is what I came up with.  Maverick, who turns 10 months old today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY little […]

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Partial to Parsley

I can’t say I’m really big on parsley. It’s great in tabouli after it’s been marinated in the lemon and olive oil and spices that give the dish such flavor. I manage to squeeze some parsley into our diet via my raw versions of falafel and “neat”balls. But for how detoxifying and full of chlorophyl […]

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Cocina Club Sunday Brunch

There is a lovely group of food fanatics that put on a Sunday brunch for San Diego epicureans. The food is for the most part organic, and entirely orgasmic. Served in a lazy atmosphere that offers your choice of tables or thai-style lounge areas, the food is fresh and satisfying. I went with a close […]

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Ginger Pomegranate Juice

I cannot tell a lie, I like a good latte in the morning. I know it’s not a healthy choice, but it’s warm, delicious and kicks starts my day. I get my lattes to the healthiest point I can by starting with organic, free trade beans, sweetening with agave or maple and using coconut milk […]

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