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Free recipe for gluten free raw flax crackers from Chef Joy Houston

Garlic Onion Flax Crackers

These raw, gluten free crackers are flavorful additions as either a crispy cracker, when dehydrated to a crisp, or a bread, if dehydrated less. A delicious way to get more Omega 3s!

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Tortilla Soup: A Raw Vegan Recipe

This raw vegan recipe mocks the flavor of traditional Mexican Tortilla Soup, but contains no fatty tortilla strips and, since this is a vegan broth, the chickens will live to see another day.

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Green Drink

Cleansing: Do-It-Yourself Basics

Never done a cleanse? It doesn’t have to be massive, long, costly or difficult. Here is an overview of a simply formula I use for cleansing regularly.

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High Raw Diet Course

Get Sexy For Summer

Join me and 25 members in getting ready for summer over the next 8 weeks…

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Screen shot 2011-03-24 at 3.24.49 PM

Camu Camu

Camu Camu is a powerful superfood addition to your diet AND the best natural deodorant I’ve tried.

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Radish Mint Salsa by Chef Joy Houston

Radish Mint Salsa

Find the pepper radish too bold a taste? This refreshing Radish Mint Salsa recipe mellows out that radish with lime and mint to create a creative dip, salad, or roll.

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Raw Food Juice Bar

Raw Food Juice Bar

You can revolutionize your health by skipping your morning cup of coffee and starting your day instead with fresh, live juice. That is why I am always experimenting in the kitchen with my juicer and my Vita-Mix to create delicious ways to drink health through a straw.  You can see some of the juice creations […]

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Choosing A Cleanse

Considering a Cleanse?

A short video that explains the various types of cleanses for detoxifying your body. Plus a free PDF Cleansing Guide.

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Happy New You

Happy New Year: Happy New You!

Want a fresh start to the New Year? Pick a detoxifying cleanse and get started. 50% off the Rocking Body Raw Food Detox Diet.

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