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Sweet Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit in Season Now

Stock up on Grapefruits and enjoy these two easy recipes.

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Gluten Free Cups

Gluten Free Cooking Class

Gluten free comfort foods, is that possible? It is with Chefs Karen Fine and Jesus Gonzalez leading the class.

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Cups Lounge La Jolla

Raw Food and Cupcakes?

If there is a place for raw food education in a cupcake lounge in La Jolla, there is a place for more fresh, local raw foods on everyone’s plate.

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Raw Banana Pudding Recipe

Banana Pudding: Raw Food Style

Forget the vanilla wafers and store bought pudding. Lord only knows what chemical non-sense goes into those things. Try the raw food version of banana pudding…

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Peach Ice Cream Recipe

Peach Ice Cream: Raw Food Style

Here is a dairy free, vegan, raw version of ice cream that makes a peachy summer dessert. Try it topped with spicy pecans to add a little crunch with a kick.

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Picture 9

Summer Berry Jam

The raw food recipe for quick, easy jam is a lot better for you than jams or jellies that are LOADED with sugar. Fresh summer berries are delicious right out of the garden, but when…

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Raw Strawberry Ice Cream

Summer Strawberry I-Scream

Try this delicious, easy raw food recipe for a dairy free version of ice cream. It is quick and easy, even without an ice cream maker.

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Raw I Scream

When it comes to a few of my favorite raw food recipes, I have a don’t ask don’t tell policy.  By that I mean unless someone asks me, and by someone I don’t mean prying, finicky eaters who want to know what’s in a recipe just so they can tell you all the ingredients they […]

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Strawberries: Worth The Wait

I know it’s way too early to expect delicious strawberries. When they are ripe and ready the farmer’s market will smell of these summer jewels.  But I passed the strawberries at Trader Joe’s yesterday and they were a beautiful shade of red with a scent sweet enough to entice me to take a chance on […]

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