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Orange Cream Cacao Bark

I have fallen in LUST with my new raw dessert creations.  They satisfy and delight with each small, decadent serving. They are dairy free, gluten free, and have no refined sugars, flours or preservatives.  Ripe, juicy, organic oranges sweeten the creamy topping while raw cacao provides a rich base.  These little babies got rave reviews […]

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Raw Dessert Experiment

The mint almond bark I created for my raw dessert class has me brewing ideas for more of these “lighter” desserts. I say lighter because they don’t have nuts as their base, so they are less filling. I like that they pack all the flavor without sitting heavy on the tummy like a raw brownie […]

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Ginger Lime Colada

This delicious, raw smoothie is made creamy by the meat of a young coconut.  That last sentence will be taken SO differently by the Cougars in my readership.  You know who you are.  Focus those trashy little minds of yours ladies, this raw beverage is a cocktail alternative you won’t want to miss.  It makes […]

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Healthy Chocolate: The perfect gift!

Empower Guiltless Chocolate Indulgence Why give an ass-expanding box of typical holiday chocolates when you could empower your favorite chocoholics to indulge in healthy, delicious ways.  Raw chocolate contains the same beneficial fats as olive oil and more antioxidants than green tea.  It contains fiber, iron, vitamin C and more!  The only thing that makes […]

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Whole Foods Rocks!: Coconut Oil in Glass Jars

Finally: A Yummy Coconut Oil in Glass Jars My search for a tasty coconut oil available in eco-friendly glass jars has come to a happy end thanks to the far reaching customer service hand of Whole Foods.  I sent an inquiring tweet and got a prompt answer back; try Spectrum brand. They explained that availability […]

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Holiday Favorites Made Healthy

Need a healthy spin on your favorite holiday dishes?? The Godizilla that tramples my healthy eating during the holiday season is my mother-in-law’s Lemon Bars.  They are tangy and sweet with just enough tartness that they border on, but do not cause the sour pucker or that tinge of jaw pain that accompanies a bite […]

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Maverick Bars

Raw Cranberry Granola Bars Another raw cuisine experiment with happy results.  For raw to-go baby food I usually use avocados, but I wanted to add a raw granola bar to our to-go menu. This raw granola bar with cranberries is what I came up with.  Maverick, who turns 10 months old today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY little […]

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Raw Chocolate Mint Brownies

Easy to make raw, vegan brownies I am brewing up a 14 day tour of raw cuisine for friends and family (sign up for the newsletter if you’d like to get it too). The goal is to keep it simple, well scheduled, and totally laid out with menus and shopping lists. The recipes will be […]

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Creamsicle Cravings

One of the sweets I wanted to emulate with healthier sweets was the good old fashioned orange creamsicle. Now when I was a kid this was actually made with regular sugar, fruit juice and ice cream, but take a look at the ingredients list on a box of those things nowadays and you’ll need a […]

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