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12 Days of Christmas Meal Plan

Stay Happy, healthy and hot over the 12 Days of Christmas with this menu plan from Chef Joy Houston. You’ll find a mix of raw, vegan and vegetarian meals in this free holiday menu plan.

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Thank you

I’m Grateful for You

  You are the people who realize that the time, love, and energy it takes to make healthy choices in your life are worth it.  You know that putting in that effort has a positive impact on your life.  But, what you might not realize is that you are changing the world. That’s right Hottie!  […]

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Healthy Holiday Menu

Let’s face it, our relatives and friends will have the ham and turkey covered. Let us focus on bringing delicious, healthy foods that really shine. Here is the Healthy Hottie Thanksgiving Menu Plan.

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Healthy Hottie

Healthy Holiday Hotties

Fret not Gorgeous! I’ve got you covered with lots of help this holiday season! You’ll get a Healthy Holiday Hotties menu for Thanksgiving and a menu plan for the 12 Days Of Christmas.

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Hot Raw Chef Contest

The Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, where I went to pursue my credentials in the Science of Raw Food Nutrition, is having a Sweet Valentine’s Recipe Contest. Since I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day and I despise the commercial sweets that are pushed for this holiday, I entered my Orange Cream Cacao Bark recipe […]

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Raw Food Fiesta

Cinco De Mayo is upon us and, although it may be a commercial holiday promoted by alcohol distributors to sell mas cerveza, I still love it.  Growing up in the border town of San Diego also gave me a fondness for all things picante.  The dinner class I host tomorrow will be nothing less than […]

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Intense Sugar & Crab Cravings: Feeding The Beast

Eating processed carbs and sweets awakens the wicked witch in me and my emotions feel as out of control as her angry flying monkeys. I’ll be testing out some probiotics to see if that helps the cravings for breads and sweets.

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Healthy Chocolate: The perfect gift!

Empower Guiltless Chocolate Indulgence Why give an ass-expanding box of typical holiday chocolates when you could empower your favorite chocoholics to indulge in healthy, delicious ways.  Raw chocolate contains the same beneficial fats as olive oil and more antioxidants than green tea.  It contains fiber, iron, vitamin C and more!  The only thing that makes […]

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Gift Ideas For Healthy Cooking

Great Gifts For Healthy Eaters Here is a free PDF for you that contains links to all the items reviewed in the video above.  If you’re not down with downloading more stuff to your computer, you can also access descriptions and links to the recommended kitchen gear HERE.  Happy crowd-free, from-the comfort-of your-home, no-stress, holiday […]

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