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The Revolution is Back On…

We are back after the hack and sharing the two best vegan raw food snacks EVER!

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raw food recipe for lemon poppy seed bread

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

Don’t dehydrate the almond pulp into flour, put it straight into the food processor to make this yummy bread or biscotti.

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Healthy Eating For Kids: 10 Step Guide to Improve Your Child’s Diet

Here are 10 tips for getting your child to eat a healthy diet rich in vegetable and fruits. A change in the health of our nation requires that we feed our kids, the next generation, a healthy diet. This guide makes it easy.

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Carb & Sugar Cravings: Cave In!

You can’t beat cravings for sugar and carbs! They are a natural part of our diet and a great source of energy. The real task is to UPGRADE the carbs we eat to healthy, nutrient-rich options.

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Raw Food Challenge

Here is an easy raw food challenge that anyone can do. Commit to just 60% fresh, live fruits and veggies for the next year. You can do it; your BODY deserves it.

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Sun Safe Skin

Environmental Working Group makes it easy to find a safe sunscreen with an easy to use iPhone application and complete on line guide. Both are FREE!

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Acai Berry Jam Recipe

San Diego Raw Food Chef Joy Houston teaches you to make a raw food version of jam using chia seeds as the thickening agent.

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Raw I Scream

When it comes to a few of my favorite raw food recipes, I have a don’t ask don’t tell policy.  By that I mean unless someone asks me, and by someone I don’t mean prying, finicky eaters who want to know what’s in a recipe just so they can tell you all the ingredients they […]

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Strawberries: Worth The Wait

I know it’s way too early to expect delicious strawberries. When they are ripe and ready the farmer’s market will smell of these summer jewels.  But I passed the strawberries at Trader Joe’s yesterday and they were a beautiful shade of red with a scent sweet enough to entice me to take a chance on […]

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