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Organic School Lunches!

Do you know what schools are feeding your kids??  You would be shocked to learn.  My favorite 12 minute education on the topic is by Ann Cooper at the TED conference.  If you want the convenience of school food with the confidence that your children are eating REAL food, contact your school principal TODAY and […]

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Renegage Lunch Lady

Ann Cooper Feeds Kids Healthy Foods and Fresh Ideas for a Brighter Future This woman is a HERO for children, serving them organic, locally sourced food instead of the typical cafeteria “foods” the FDA allows.  “The Renegade Lunch Lady” has revamped the Berkley lunch program from a high-fructose, hydrogenated nightmare to every educated parents dream.  […]

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Cocina Club Sunday Brunch

There is a lovely group of food fanatics that put on a Sunday brunch for San Diego epicureans. The food is for the most part organic, and entirely orgasmic. Served in a lazy atmosphere that offers your choice of tables or thai-style lounge areas, the food is fresh and satisfying. I went with a close […]

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Dolmas: Stuffed Grapevine Leaves

After a shocking request from my naturopath to incorporate meat into my diet to combat the fertility struggles my husband and I have experienced, I’ve been reluctantly dragging my feet. I’ve been so proud of myself for creating healthy dishes that are full of flavor, diverse, and for the most part vegan with some cheese […]

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Not Yo’ Standard Nachos

Last night the fam and I had a little movie night planned so I decided to make nacho’s. Of course I have been dabbling in raw cooking lately so I refused to do any nasty real nacho cheese. Instead I did a thinned version of a nut cheese and it was a hit, even with […]

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