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Green Drink

Cleansing: Do-It-Yourself Basics

Never done a cleanse? It doesn’t have to be massive, long, costly or difficult. Here is an overview of a simply formula I use for cleansing regularly.

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Joy Houston Kale Chip recipe

Best Raw Vegan Kale Chip Recipe Ever

Although this easy vegan raw kale chip recipe has no cheese and is not fried, it will turn Cheetos into a ghetto snack of the past.

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The Revolution is Back On…

We are back after the hack and sharing the two best vegan raw food snacks EVER!

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Raw, Vegan Ranch Dressing Recipe

Ranch is America’s favorite dressing and a picnic classic! This raw food recipe for ranch has fooled even the biggest Hidden Valley Ranch fans.

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Bye bye Big Mac! Raw, vegan burgers

If you want to join in the Labor Day festivities without participating in the meat-fest, try these Big Ol’ Burgers.

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Perfect Bellies & Booties

Eating right won’t give you six pack abs and a perky butt, it takes the right exercises too. Yuri Elkaim gives you the best abs & asses with no sit ups!

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Orange Ginger Dressing

Miso and ginger make this dressing perfect for Asian dishes, while the orange and honey flavors complement more typical salads with carrots or beets.

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Screen shot 2011-08-03 at 2.04.11 PM

Pretty In Pink Salad

John Hughes would have approved of this gorgeous salad that gets its brilliant color from phytonutrient-rich beets, carrots pistachios and cherries.

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Watermelon Tips

So many questions about watermelon! Seeds versus seedless, the price of organic, how to pick a good watermelon, and what to do with a less than fabulous watermelon.

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