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Chia for Omega3s

Chia Seeds for Omega-3s

Here’s the scoop on why you should eat chia daily and why I think chia drinks are the best way to consume them. Let’s get geeky…

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Artichoke Aioli By Chef Joy Houston

Artichoke Aioli

Yesterday I gave you the recipe for the Black Bean & Beet Croquettes, but forgot to include the recipe for the Artichoke Aioli topping. So here ya go! It’s an easy, vegan alternative with a smooth texture & creamy taste. Enjoy!

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Veggie Burgers By Chef Joy Houston

Beet and Black Bean Croquettes

Reduce your dietary acid intake by avoiding meat and increasing your fiber, vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient intake with these delicious, easy-to-make croquettes. They work well as veggie burgers too!

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Raw Vean Protein Bites by Chef Joy Houston

Protein Power Bites

Chef Joy Houston gives you this recipe packed with protein, phytonutrients, fiber and omega-3s. You can whip up these mini raw, vegan protein bars quickly and easily. Great for kids and grownups alike.

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Best Raw Vegan Protein Shake

Here is the recipe for my favorite raw, vegan protein shake. This is the drink I use as a meal on-the-go when I am short on time but want to be high on superfoods.

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The Bing: A Green Juice by Chef Joy Houston

The Green Drink Taylor Baldwin Loved

Here is the recipe for the green drink I call “The Bing”, named after our dear friend Bing who had nearly sworn off vegetables except potatoes. I served it to Taylor Baldwin on Prime Time and she loved it. Try it for yourself.

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12 Days of Christmas Meal Plan

Stay Happy, healthy and hot over the 12 Days of Christmas with this menu plan from Chef Joy Houston. You’ll find a mix of raw, vegan and vegetarian meals in this free holiday menu plan.

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Summer Fruit Flatbread Pizza

Fall is fast approaching but there are two summer fruits that are just now appearing at farmers markets here in San Diego; nectarines and plums! This flat bread pizza gives them a savory twist.

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Kale Salad With Rosemary Shallot Dressing

A bowl of this kale salad with Rosemary Shallot Dressing is a satisfying, super food-packed meal. Kale supports your body in detoxifying, lowers cholesterol, reduces inflammation and fights oxidative stress.

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