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Summer Fruit Flatbread Pizza

Fall is fast approaching but there are two summer fruits that are just now appearing at farmers markets here in San Diego; nectarines and plums! This flat bread pizza gives them a savory twist.

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Pretty In Pink Salad

John Hughes would have approved of this gorgeous salad that gets its brilliant color from phytonutrient-rich beets, carrots pistachios and cherries.

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Watermelon Tips

So many questions about watermelon! Seeds versus seedless, the price of organic, how to pick a good watermelon, and what to do with a less than fabulous watermelon.

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Watermelon Gazpacho

Gazpachos are cool, refreshing summer soups, but this one is particularly good in that it successfully pairs…

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Peach Ice Cream Recipe

Peach Ice Cream: Raw Food Style

Here is a dairy free, vegan, raw version of ice cream that makes a peachy summer dessert. Try it topped with spicy pecans to add a little crunch with a kick.

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Berry Bowl

Berry Breakfast Bowls

The Summer Berry Jam makes a fabulous, not-too-sweet topping for fresh berries with soaked oat groats.  This berry breakfast bowl is an easy raw food diet recipe that gets its staying power from soaked oat groats.  Nutritionally, oat groats  are a great source of manganese, selenium, fiber and protein.  In terms of taste, they offer […]

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Summer Berry Jam

The raw food recipe for quick, easy jam is a lot better for you than jams or jellies that are LOADED with sugar. Fresh summer berries are delicious right out of the garden, but when…

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Raw Strawberry Ice Cream

Summer Strawberry I-Scream

Try this delicious, easy raw food recipe for a dairy free version of ice cream. It is quick and easy, even without an ice cream maker.

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Sun Safe Skin

Environmental Working Group makes it easy to find a safe sunscreen with an easy to use iPhone application and complete on line guide. Both are FREE!

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