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Raw Vean Protein Bites by Chef Joy Houston

Protein Power Bites

Chef Joy Houston gives you this recipe packed with protein, phytonutrients, fiber and omega-3s. You can whip up these mini raw, vegan protein bars quickly and easily. Great for kids and grownups alike.

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raw food recipe for lemon poppy seed bread

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

Don’t dehydrate the almond pulp into flour, put it straight into the food processor to make this yummy bread or biscotti.

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Superfood Chocolates

Guilt Free Chocolates

…as nutritious as they are delicious.

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The Perfect Valentine!

Superfod Chocolates that are as delicious as they are nutritious.

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Can something so gorgeous really be bad for you?

Raw Cacoa: Naughty or Nice?

Cacao: Naughty or nice?? There is so much conflicting info out there. Here is the best post and video I found on the topic, neither get too technical or one sided. Decide for yourself…

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Acai Berry Jam Recipe

San Diego Raw Food Chef Joy Houston teaches you to make a raw food version of jam using chia seeds as the thickening agent.

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I am officially PRO-probiotics. I recently shared that I started New Chapter Organic’s Probiotic Immunity (to see that post click here) with great results.  My update on the product is this, it has changed my feeling towards sweets altogether.  Case and point.  My family and I are road tripping to see my parents, so we […]

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Strawberries: Worth The Wait

I know it’s way too early to expect delicious strawberries. When they are ripe and ready the farmer’s market will smell of these summer jewels.  But I passed the strawberries at Trader Joe’s yesterday and they were a beautiful shade of red with a scent sweet enough to entice me to take a chance on […]

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Orange Cream Cacao Bark

I have fallen in LUST with my new raw dessert creations.  They satisfy and delight with each small, decadent serving. They are dairy free, gluten free, and have no refined sugars, flours or preservatives.  Ripe, juicy, organic oranges sweeten the creamy topping while raw cacao provides a rich base.  These little babies got rave reviews […]

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