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Big Why

Share Your “BIG WHY”

The single best thing you can do for your health is to get crystal clear on your BIG WHY. It will blast you past any perceived barriers to health, happiness and fitness faster and more efficiently than any recipe, workout, supplement or superfood. Promise!

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Warrior Way: A 30 Day Vegan Challenge

If you are up for a challenge that will help you create new habits, integrate new foods and fitness routines, then join Playboy model Marzia Prince for fitness and me for food. We’ve got you covered.

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The Bing: A Green Juice by Chef Joy Houston

The Green Drink Taylor Baldwin Loved

Here is the recipe for the green drink I call “The Bing”, named after our dear friend Bing who had nearly sworn off vegetables except potatoes. I served it to Taylor Baldwin on Prime Time and she loved it. Try it for yourself.

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Healthy Holiday Menu

Let’s face it, our relatives and friends will have the ham and turkey covered. Let us focus on bringing delicious, healthy foods that really shine. Here is the Healthy Hottie Thanksgiving Menu Plan.

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GMO-Free SHopping Apps

Say No to GMOs

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from GMOs while sending a monetary message to food retailers and producers that you will not accept GMOs in your foods. A practical guide to avoiding GMOs.

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GMO Talk

GMO Talk at UCSD Tomorrow

You are invited to a conversation on food safety with Jeffery Smith, David Schubert, Joy Houston, Isabel Cruz, Nancy Casady, and Michelle Lerach. Free information on a topic you need to be up on!

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Berry Dinner 2012

A Berry Good Night 2012

Passionate Chefs, Food Activists, Food Writers, and Organic Farmers in San Diego celebrate sustainable dinning, local farming, and the art of fine food. They all rally in support of Prop 37.

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Meet Emily: She Wants GMOs Labeled.

Proposition 37: Vote YES to label GMOs

Millions are being spent to try and squash the 92% of Americans who want labeling for genetically modified foods! It all starts here in California with Proposition 37, an initiative that will require GMO foods to be labeled.

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GMOs- Do You Have the Right to Know?

Whatever your feelings about GMOs – the California Right To Know Initiative is about information and choice! Here is some of the hype you will hear and the truth behind that hype.

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