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Easy Almond Milk

Make your own almond milk at home. Get a far superior taste with less cost and less waste. Watch the video to se how fun and simple it is.

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Raw Food: Pizza Crust

When you get the craving for pizza, but want to pass on the dairy & gluten, try this easy recipe for raw pizza crust.  It is simple to make and satisfies that thin crust pizza desire without resorting to calling your local pizza delivery.  The crust is pictured here with hummus as the sauce since […]

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Raw Food Sloppy Joe

Eating raw foods and living cuisine feels amazing, especially when a dish gets created that satisfies a specific craving.  I have been missing the flavor of BBQ.  I whipped up a veggie and nut pate that is flavored with garlic onions and of course BBQ sauce.  If you add a bit of Smoked Sea Salt […]

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Cramberry Dill “Rice”

Here is an easy, quick raw dish that requires no soaking, sprouting or dehydrating. The fresh crisp flavor of dill is complimented by tart, sweet cranberries and the bold onion flavor.  The olive oil, salt and lemon make the minced parsnip tender and delicious.  This is great tossed with spinach leaves as a salad, wrapped […]

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Grapefruit Slushie_200x200

Citrus Slushy

Pink grapefruit is at it’s flavor peak from late winter through early spring. That’s NOW! Pink Grapefruit, like its other citrus relatives is full of vitamin C, but it also contains lycopene which gives it its lovely color. Lycopene helps fight free radicals in the body protecting you against cancers and cell damage. Enjoy this […]

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Walnut Pesto Paté

Walnut Pesto Paté: Let’s make raw foods together in the new video blog. In this,the first video on my new Kodak ZI8, I make a delicious Walnut Pesto Paté. Since walnuts are not my family’s favorite nut (that would be Drew- oxxo), this is a tasty way to include these little health gems in our […]

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Cacao Crispies

Who needs Coco Crispies when you can have these delicious Cacao Crispies made from buckwheat groats?  Buckwheat lowers blood glucose and insulin responses, softening the bodies reaction to that natural sweetener maple.  Read more about buckwheat’s health benefits here. You could use raw honey as the sweetener instead, but I have a one year old […]

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Raw Red Pepper Hummus

A Flavorful RAW Hummus With a Kick I love hummus, but I’m not down with sprouting garbanzos to make a raw version because it doesn’t come out very tasty.  This hummus is made with zucchini as the base.  It works perfectly, comes out creamy, smooth, and is absolutely addictive.  Mix up the flavors and try […]

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Sweet Potatoes, Hold the Marshmallows

Thanksgiving sweet potatoes can have enough sugar in a single serving to kill a diabetic before dessert hit the table.  They are generally baked with tons of brown sugar and if that wasn’t enough they are topped off with puffed sugar balls (pronounced marshmallows) that are baked to golden brown perfection.  YUM!  But also YUCK, […]

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