Happy New Year: Happy New You!

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What is your New Years Resolution?

Post your resolution below. If I have resources that might help you reach your goal I’ll pass them on. If you are ready to find out who you are off reactive foods, go for it and do a cleanse. Read a description of cleanses and pick one. If you want to do the raw food cleansing diet, here is a link to get  50% off the Rocking Body Raw Food Diet Program(offer expires Jan. 31st 20011). Happy New Year and may it help you find and even happier new you.

My resolution is to eat 80% raw foods and to grow the community of people enjoying raw foods. More and more people are experiencing the value of adding more raw, fresh organic foods to their daily meals. I contact every person who goes through the Rocking Body Raw Food Diet to ask them why they are doing this detox and what their goals are.  The answers are similar, to regain control of their health. They’ve had some success by adding more fresh produce and want to know what is possible if they do more.

So what raw recipes are working their way into menus after the raw food diet? Here are the favorites, that make it into weekly menu plans regularly.  Most of these dishes get heavy rotation because they so are fast and easy.  Incorporating raw cuisine is sometimes faster than making conventional dishes.  The Sloppy Joe, Pasta, Corn Chowder, and raw pudding below definitely fall into that category, taking less than half the time to make than cooked versions of the same dish.

A few SAVORY samples: Sloppy Joe, Zucchini Pasta in Marinara, and Mock Egg Salad
A few CREAMY samples: Mediterranean Pizza, Raw Corn Chowder, and Pesto Cheese Spread
A few SWEET samples: Raw Tiramisu, Very Strawberry Ice Cream, Mint Cacao Brownies

Getting hungry? These recipes, video instructions and more are featured in the raw food detox diet, Rocking Body Raw Food. Take a tour of this weight loss detox program and you’ll see that this 14 day course is guided by your raw food video chef, Joy Houston and includes hundreds of video tutorials, menu plan, shopping lists, and recipes as well as comprehensive training videos and education on the science behind raw food nutrition. If you are ready for a weight loss detox diet that works, tastes great, and involves eating delicious foods and no starvation then this is the weight loss detox for you. What will you look like in your Rocking Body?


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