Ginger Lime Colada

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This delicious, raw smoothie is made creamy by the meat of a young coconut.  That last sentence will be taken SO differently by the Cougars in my readership.  You know who you are.  Focus those trashy little minds of yours ladies, this raw beverage is a cocktail alternative you won’t want to miss.  It makes a perfect addition to your post-yoga bliss or a mocktail when you are cleansing.  You are cleansing occasionally, right ladies?! That glowing skin, perfect hair and tight tummies.  Of course you’re cleansing you fabulous Birds.  This drink is a sneak peak at our next cleanse: Rocking Body:Raw Foods.

Ginger Lime Colada
meat from one young coconut
juice of two limes (or one big juicy lime)
1-2″ piece of ginger, peeled
one green apple, keep the peel on, remove the core
1-2 cups water
1-2 cups ice
agave nectar to taste

Before you juice the lime grab a cute little swirl of rind as a garnish. Combine 1 cup ice and one cup water with coconut, lime juice, and the apple in the Vita-Mix.  Whip it up to a creamy froth and give it a taste.  Depending on the sweetness of the apple it may need to be lightly sweetened with agave.  If it’s a bit strong for your taste add more ice and a little more water.  Whip it again and serve immediately.

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