Healthy Chocolate: The perfect gift!

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Empower Guiltless Chocolate IndulgenceRaw Coconut Caramel Brownie

Why give an ass-expanding box of typical holiday chocolates when you could empower your favorite chocoholics to indulge in healthy, delicious ways.  Raw chocolate contains the same beneficial fats as olive oil and more antioxidants than green tea.  It contains fiber, iron, vitamin C and more!  The only thing that makes chocolate a dietary downfall is all the unhealthy fats and added ingredients that some companies use in their products. Consider giving your loved one’s a gift basket with all the yummy healthy ingredients they need to make delicious chocolate treats like raw chocolate mint brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pistachio crisps, or raw caramel coconut brownies.   Use a recipe here or find others online and put all the ingredients into a pretty basket along with the printed recipe.  One bag of raw cocoa powder will make far more treats than a box of chocolates, be a much healthier choice, and even involve some quality time together as you whip up your treats.

Organic Raw Cacoa Powder


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