Raw I Scream

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When it comes to a few of my favorite raw food recipes, I have a don’t ask don’t tell policy.  By that I mean unless someone asks me, and by someone I don’t mean prying, finicky eaters who want to know what’s in a recipe just so they can tell you all the ingredients they hate and use each one as an excuse not to try things, I don’t talk about how things are made.  For example, when I make this raw food recipe for ice cream, I serve it up without mentioning the word raw, vegan, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten free or for God’s sake, healthy!  Homemade raw ice cream is a favorite. Everyone dishes up and enjoys the goods long before I could explain all the nutritional benefits of having a cream base from young coconuts instead of cow’s milk.  Here is a recipe for “Vanilla I Scream” as I call it. Mix it up with flavors as you see fit.  A few of my faves are “Choc-Cow-Not I Scream”, “Chai Scream”, and “Horchata I Scream” with raw dulce de leche caramel (comment below if you want that recipe-YUM).

I Scream (raw, Dairy-Free Ice Cream)

seeds from one vanilla bean
juice from one young coconut (need 1 cup)
meat from one young coconut (need at least ¾ cup)
1 cup almond milk (see video here)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1/3 cup chopped dates (be sure NO PITS)
¼ to ½ cup maple syrup (taste to adjust sweetness)

Put all ingredients in the Vita-Mix and blend on high until creamy smooth.  Pour half the mixture into an ice cube tray, refrigerate the remaining half.  Once the cubes are frozen, add then back to the unfrozen mixture in the blender.  Blend to a soft-serve consistency and enjoy!

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