Strawberries: Worth The Wait

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I know it’s way too early to expect delicious strawberries. When they are ripe and ready the farmer’s market will smell of these summer jewels.  But I passed the strawberries at Trader Joe’s yesterday and they were a beautiful shade of red with a scent sweet enough to entice me to take a chance on a small box.  .  Not surprisingly, they were less than impressive.  Great texture, but no delivery when it came to yummy sweet  “strawberry-ness”.  I got nature’s message loud and clear: “BE PATIENT.  My wares are worth waiting for!”  How right she is.

That said, I had a box of organic berries that I didn’t want to waste despite my impatience for ripe strawberries.  So here is my fix-it recipe.  I share it with you her in case any of you are  lured in by bright berries with lackluster flavor.


one batch fresh almond milk (click here to see recipe w/video)
16 ounces fresh strawberries (tops removed)
1-2 teaspoons of raw honey (to taste)

Blend all ingredients in the Vita-Mix until creamy smooth.  Serve over ice to enjoy as strawberry milk.  Or, to make a shake, fill an ice cube tray with the strawberry milk and freeze.  And frozen cubes back to the blender with the remaining strawberry milk and blend to form a shake.  NOTE: you can also make strawberry ice cream by replacing the honey with 3/4 cup chopped dates.  Blend well and put in an ice cream maker.  Follow the manufacturers directions.


  • Evie

    This is such a great recipe! I have done that as well, Buying strawberries when they are not in season is so tempting! this is a great recipe for unripe strawberries.

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