The Perfect Valentine!

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Healthy Eaters….
My husband truly knows me and finds sweet and loving little ways to show it.  Last Valentine’s Day, instead of your standard issue red roses, he brought me case of young coconuts.  An odd gift for a woman expecting champagne and flowers, but the perfect gift for me.  I was overjoyed.   We were in the midst of filming Rocking Body Raw Food, into which we dumped our faith and our fortune, so springing for those coconuts was the raw food equivalent of popping Veuve.  His thoughtful gift inspired me to seek out what I think is the PERFECT VALENTINES DAY GIFT for the healthy eater you love. Here it is…

SUPERFOOD CHOCOLATES: indulge your sweet tooth guilt free! Superfood Chocolates feed your need for sweet indulgence and give you a nutritional boost at the same time. Raw Food Chefs Matthew Rogers and Daniel Korson, owners of Coracao Confections, make a heavenly line of raw, veagn chocolates using raw cacao, low glycemeic sweeteners and the worlds highest quality superfoods.

After working together to elevate the dessert menu at Cafe Gratitude to new heights, these two chefs wanted a new challenge and set out to launch their own line of confections that are as good for you as they are unbelievably scrumptous.  They have succeeded far beyond everyone’s expectations, and are currently sold in Bay Area Whole Foods Markets with expansion growing weekly.  Until your local Whole Foods Market gets hip to the magical desserts, you can buy them on the Coracao Confection site.

Their success is no surprise after Mathew took the raw food community by storm with his raw food dessert book, Sweet Gratitude: A New World of Raw Desserts.  This book is by far the best collection of raw food treats on the market, with the most comprehensive explanations of gourmet raw techniques. Take the creativity displayed in that text, amplify it by the passion this man and his business partner have for superfoods and sustainable farming.  The result is a line of chocolates that are little bites of heaven.

Think Ahead Cupid! Keep in mind that this is a small upstart with BIG potential and they are bound to be slammed with Valentine’s Day orders so order early to get your lover some handmade chocolate perfection.

Give your hottie the gift that not only says, “I love you now and I want to jump all over you”, but also clearly expresses your desire to have the strength and longevity to chase each other for all your days!

Get the WHOLE STORY on Coracao Confections.  A complete description of all the superfoods and their properties, as well as a catalog of their confections is in this PDF.  Download “Introducing Coracao Confections” by clicking here or on the image to the right.

Listen up! This interview with the chefs tracks their story form inception to present and shines a light on what is undoubtedly a very bright future for Coracao Confections. Press play to hear Matthew and Daniel…


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