All Health Is Breaking Loose

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You could be crushed under the weight of reports and publications declaring bad eating habits as the root of all evil. Obesity has officially replaced smoking as the lead cause of cancer. Our children are the first generation to have a shorter lifespan than us! It’s easy to look around and to point the finger at, or sic a high priced attorney on purveyors of fast food and processed products. It’s more challenging to look inward and take responsibility for your own health. It’s also infinitely more rewarding as people all over the world are coming to understand.

With books on healthy foods and sustainable eating toping the national best seller list, it looks as if all health is breaking loose. Americans are awakening to the real cost and implications of the fuel that powers not only our cars, but also our bodies. This emergence of responsibility is bringing a wave of change that will empower us to regain health as a nation, to re-integrate with our planet, and to re-establish respect among nations.

Share your stories, not of the demise of health in the US, but of healthy changes. There are demands being made on retailers that force corporations to make change. 5 years ago did you ever think you’d see organics at Vons or organic, free trade beans at Starbucks? The positive changes are out there. Let the press dramaticize the bleak and let us highlight the positive changes we see. The more attention we give the people who are responding to our demands, the more retailers as a whole will change to suit the rising consciousness of our nation.


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