Coconut Oil in Eco-Friendly Glass Jars

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I have been looking for organic coconut oil that comes in an eco-friendly glass jar.  It seems like glass would be the standard container of choice, since most users of this product are health conscious people with green intentions. Alas, the brand I love seem to come in plastic jars.  Nutiva and Nature’s Way are two brands that I LOVE.  Both are so delicious I can eat them right out of the jar.  The Nutiva is FABULOUS and  I get a great deal on it at Amazon, the best price per ounce I have found is the 54 ounce container.  I keep the Nature’s Way brand in the bathroom simply because it has a wide mouth container that makes it easy to fit my hand in when I apply it as body moisturizer.  Why these two great companies don’t switch to glass, I have no idea.

Anyway, I found a brand that comes in a glass container and gave it a try.  WHY?  Two reasons: no leeching plastics and glass is MUCH more environmentally friendly with it’s 1:1 recycling ratio (one container will equal one new recycled container- not the case with plastics).  Wilderness Family Naturals offers an extra virgin, organic, cold pressed  coconut oil that comes in a glass jar.  I gave it a try, and was surprised to find the oil tasted TERRIBLE.  I spread the butter knife across the oil and found there was a large gap in the oil in the middle of the jar.  I suspected that maybe the air trapped in the jar during packaging had made the oil turn rancid, so I returned it for another jar.  Lo and behold the new jar tasted just as bad.  Unlike the lovely coconut aroma and mild coconut taste of the Nutiva and Nature’s Way brand, this one smelled like vegetable shortening.  It had an oily smell, but not a hint of coconut odor.  The taste was worse than the smell because it had a nasty after taste that lingered.  YUCK!

So for now back to my faves!  Come on NUTIVA- switch to glass!!  You too Nature’s Way!!!!  Your products ROCK, let’s save the rock we live on by using a more friendly container.

NUtiva 54


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  • Joy

    Does anybody know of a yummy brand that comes in glass containers??

  • You might want to run the coconut oil question by Maverick… he is becoming quite the coconut oil aficionado.

  • Joy

    The flames of my love affair with Whole Foods have been fanned once again! I sent a direct message via Twitter to Whole Foods to see if they had a recommendation for a coconut oil in glass jars. They recommended Spectrum. Found it. Tried it. DELICIOUS!! I love a company with this kind of customer service and approachability. The fact that they extend their customer service reach into the blogosphere and offer quick responses on social media makes me a raving fan.

    Thank you Whole Foods! And thank you Spectrum for offering a fabulous tasting organic coconut oil in an eco-friendly glass jar.

  • I don’t know why these companies use plastic jars, glass is much more enviromentally friendly as suggested and is also cheaper on average then plastic products, i know a couple of UK businesses who produce coconut oil in glass but it is predominantly plastic

  • Joy

    Did you see the follow up post?? The Spectrum brand is in glass and tastes great. Check it out here.
    Thanks for getting in the conversation. Let me know if you find any other tasty coconut oil in glass jars.

    Here’s to your good health,

  • Becca Reel

    Is this the base you use for your coconut butter. Wanted to make your walnut pate but needed to make the coconut butter first. What are the ratios with the olive oil and Braggs? Thanks!!

  • Joy

    Let me clarify for the other viewers that Becca is asking about the “butter” concoction I use as an alternative to dairy butter. She saw me use that in the in the Walnut Pesto Paté. Coconut butter is an actual product, different and more solid than coconut oil.

    Now to answer your question Becca. I make my raw version of butter in one of three ways. I will do a post that shows all three, but for now, that butter in the video is made by combining….
    1 part organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
    3 parts organic, cold pressed coconut oil
    Bragg Liquid Aminos or Nama Shoyu (raw) to taste.

    Thanks for the question!

  • Ah Shayh certified Organic Coconut Oil comes in a glass jar. The product is available on and on Amazon. It\’s the best!!!!!!

  • Joy

    Thank you for sharing htat brand with us. I am in absolut love with the Bright Earth Foods Brand Coconut oil which also comes in glass jars. Not only is the taste the best I have ever tried, it is also doing absolute wonders for my skin. I use it right out of the shower, letting it mix with the water on my skin ( I use a shower filter so there is not too much YUCK from the San Diego water supply). Not only does my skin look the best it ever has, but I have not had to use sunscreen at all. Of course I use massive common sense when it comes to when and how much time I spend in direct sun, bu this has helped my skin get amber instead of burning. I love it.
    What is better than skin products you can also eat?! Love it.
    Thank you again,

  • lauren

    Just received some horrible tasting coconut oil from wilderness family myself. The aftertaste seriously makes me gag. They seem less than helpful, did you by any chance get a refund?

  • Joy

    I did not. I used the remainder for external use only ( as a body moisturizer) and switched to Bright Earth Foods coconut oil, which I love. A fabulous company with open communication with it’s user base and a priority on Eco-friendliness. Check them out at!


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