Consumer Supported Agriculture

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Consumer Supported Agriculture is the most efficient way to get the freshest produce delivered right to your neighborhood.  It also happens to be the best way to support your local farmers and one of the most direct ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  So what is Consumer Supported Agriculture and how can you join a C.S.A. program? This video provides an explanation of Consumer Supported Agriculture and lets you hear, direct from the farmer’s mouth, what it means to be a CSA member. And below you will find links to organic farms that offer organic C.S.A. programs here in San Diego.

The Top 5 Reasons to Join a C.S.A.

  1. Better flavor: freshest, in season foods with more nutrients and enzymes intact
  2. Higher Quality: no pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, or chemical fertilizers
  3. Diversity: seasonal produce, that thrives locally
  4. Supports your local organic farmer and economy
  5. Reduces transportation distance, less emissions

Barriers to joining a C.S.A.
The biggest challenge for people who join a C.S.A. is knowing what to make with the produce they receive. Most of us have some what of a routine when it comes to shopping.  We simply buy the produce we are most comfortable with.  When you join a C.S.A. you will get a wide range of produce, some of which might be new to you, or you might be unfamiliar with how to prepare it.  You only reap the benefits of being C.S.A. a member if you get that nutrient dense, fresh produce into your body, so you’ll need to know who to make the food delicious.  C.S.A.s are growing in popularity as more and more of you are voting against big agribusiness and for safe, local farming and more nutritious organic foods.  As membership grows, so does the online and local support for cooking with the contents of your C.S.A. box.

Making CSA membership easy and fun
In hopes of  encouraging you to join a C.S.A., I am offering you weekly support.    To insure you get the most of your membership , I will review the contents of the CSA box from Tierra Miguel Farms.  I’ll provide recipes for the contents, as well as storage tips and suggested menu plans. I will also remind you of the open farm events at Tierra Miguel which are a great way to connect with the people who make your food.  Get dirty, have fun and enjoy a feast together with the people who grow the produce you enjoy every week. This is a great way to align your children with healthy eating and its connection to the land.

Consumer Supported Agriculture in San Diego
We are blessed with gorgeous weather here in San Diego that allows our local farmers to create some of the finest produce in our nation.  Several of our local farms have C.S.A. programs, supporting any of them will give you the benefits listed above.  The box that I getk comes from Tierra Miguel Farms.  Why did I choose that particular C.S.A.? Because I once had such mind blowing strawberries at a restaurant that I inquired with the chef about the source, they were from Tierra Miguel.  I was sold!

.. Tierra Miguel Farms
Suzie’s Farm
Garden of Eden
Blue Sky Ranch
J R Organics CSA
Be Wise Ranch
Morning Song Farm
Archi’s Acres
Dragon Organics
Seabreeze Organic Farm
Inland Empire
J & J Grassfed Beef (for meat eaters!)


Recipe Suggestions for this Week
You will find all the the recipes mentioned in the video above on the free recipe page of the site.  Here is what I am creating with the produce in the Tierra Miguel CSA box this week.  Note that I didn’t get to make the carrots in dill that I mentioned in the video, because Maverick, my 2 year old son, ate half of them up raw! Yeah- the raw food diet at its simplest!  So, I used the dill to make a delicious green juice instead.

oranges easy, peel & eat quick snack
butternut squash Vegetable Gratin
parsley Celery Parsley Cooler
carrots, cilantro, lettuce Thai Spring Rolls
beets Ginger Apple Beet Juice
avocados, lettuce, dill
Apple Avocado Salad
avocados, cilantro Chunky Guacamole
dill Cucumber, Apple, Dill Juice


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