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BIG THANKS and lots of LOVE to Travis Houston (my gorgeous husband) and his partner Sandor Cardenas for creating an iTunes podcast for the Delicious Revolution! Despite my blondness, they have made it easy for me to upload the interviews and videos into iTunes.  That means you all have access to subscribe and listen whenever you want on your phone, MP3 player or computer.

I need your help…
to show up in the iTunes directory the podcast will need subscribers, ratings and comments.  Please take a minute to SUBSCRIBE to the FREE Delicious Revolution Podcast today.  While you are in iTunes, rate the show and post a comment.  Thank you for your support.

If you need help with growing your business presence online, contact Travis and Sandor at Product LaunchR.  These guys have made projects that start out seeming technically insurmountable, completely do-able for a layman like me. The work they have done for me on this Delicious Revolution site and on Rocking Body Raw Food have changed my life.

  • no more trying to fill classes- the classes are on line with high quality HD videos, pro sound & lighting
  • the classes are available WHENEVER people want to watch them, wherever they are on the globe
  • they can contact me via email any time so they still have access to me and to support

They have created a win for my business, for my clients and most of all for my quality of life because…

  • I don’t have to travel to teach unless I want to.
  • I have more time with my little son, Maverick and less time in the kitchen classroom.
  • I also have more time to innovate and create NEW books, and classes for people who want more content from me.

I never tire or loose my passion for the lessons I give because I get to continue to grow in my raw food education and people who want to learn from me can use the older content to learn.


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