Food Revolution Hits Critcal Mass

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A revolution takes many.

When one stands against the status quo, there is opposition.  When those who oppose stand together there is resistance.  When resistance reaches critical mass, there is revolution.

Last month when I saw that Martha Stewart included a full spread on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen in her magazine I felt critical mass fast approaching.  Top that off with Oprah’s new article that is actually entitled A Delicious Revolution, and that has to be a sign that we are getting close.  I mean come on, when Martha and Oprah make a stand doesn’t the world, or at least women ages 28 to 60, stand up behind them and demand change?  Even while households are pinching pennies to make ends meet, these two American matriarchs are asking people to throw down a little extra cash to get a high return on their investment in the form of improved health.


Even though these articles haven’t prompted my mom to call me and admit I’m not a total nut for buying organics, I know that I am lucky to be surrounded by individuals who, for the most part, understand and abide my passion for organic, local foods.  I can’t YET say the majority of my friends and my family, have walked away from supporting conventional farming, processed foods, the mainstream meat and dairy industry, or even fast foods.  I can say with confidence that my loving rants and consistent stand for healthy eats has altered their diets a little and opened their minds even more.  I know that little by little the circle of influence I have as one individual is slowly but surely affecting change and promoting a delicious and healthy (for our bodies and our planet) revolution.  Everyday I can find one thing to do to keep the revolution rolling.  Can you?

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