Are you vacuuming with an iron?

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You won’t find a recipe for food in this post.  Instead I want to tell you about a group that has given me recipes for deeper connection with the men in my life.  The gifts that this group has given me are too profound to keep to myself.  It is pretty gross and a little embarrassing how wrong I was about men,  but because I know in my core that you would get as much benefit from them as I have, I’ll share a little of what I learned from Allison Armstong and PAX Programs.

I was vacuuming with an iron.   I have been treating the men in my life as if they are simply fuzzy versions of me that happen to have a penis.  It is a drastic understatement to say that I WAS WRONG!  After my first course with Allison, which was not only informative but hilarious and life-changing, I immediately saw that men and women are very different tools that both work amazingly well for their intended purposes. Expecting men to behave like me was like expecting and iron to pull all the dirt off the carpet and make it clean and fluffy.  Imagine all the frustration I could have alleviated if only I had stopped trying to use a hot iron to clean the rug and seen how effective it was at getting the wrinkles out of my clothes.

The amount of energy I wasted being angry at irons for not cleaning carpets could power the world for a day.

Don’t waste any more energy.  So much frustration, anger, and blame melt away with the information that Allison and her team provide that it is a major stress-reducer.  Since Healthy Happy Hotties in February is focused on balancing our sex hormones, and since that balance demands a major reduction in stress,  I reached out to get PAX leader, MaryCay Durrant to come speak to the members.  If you are a member you will see the fascinating talk that demystifies why women so often don’t get the results they want from men.

You are welcome to join Healthy Happy Hotties for February to get the scoop from MaryCay- or you can go straight to the PAX courses and start transforming your life with what you will learn from them.

A big thank you to MaryCay for speaking to the Hotties!  And massive gratitude to Allison Armstrong and the PAX team for spreading this information around the world.  Even in my house alone you amplified peace and love.




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