I’m Grateful for You

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You are the people who realize that the time, love, and energy it takes to make healthy choices in your life are worth it.  You know that putting in that effort has a positive impact on your life.  But, what you might not realize is that you are changing the world.

That’s right Hottie!  One juice, one salad, one healthy choice at a time,  you are making yourself look and feel amazing while elevating our culture to a tipping point in a powerful and inspiring way.

Since the time I started sharing healthy tips with you so much positive change has occurred…

  • the trans fat ban in major metropolitan city restaurants
  • the moratorium on fast food joints in low income areas of Los Angeles
  • groups like JustLabelIt.org and CARightToKnow.org are speaking out against GMOs
  • even big corporations like Walmart ditching the milk with rBST hormones
  • organic options are everywhere and becoming more cost effective
  • vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and even raw options are available
  • farmer’s markets and CSAs are more popular then ever before

More and more people are starting to give a shit about where there food comes from, what is in it, how it was raised, and the carbon footprint it leaves on it’s way to the table.  I happily place the blame in your lap.

For the role you play, no matter how small you think it may be or how much more you think you can do, I ask that you open your heart and receive my gratitude.  I ask you to recognize yourself as part of the wave of consciousness that is not only improving the way you feel, but is paving the way for those who haven’t yet realized the power of whole foods.



Remember to download your free Healthy Thanksgiving Menu and all the recipes to go with it. Click the image or the text to download.




Please share the things you are most grateful for in the comments section below. And if you haven’t shared with me the recipes you’d like me to give a healthy makeover as we move toward Christmas, please share those HERE.

Happy Healthy Thanksgiving to you and yours,



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