Raw Vean Protein Bites by Chef Joy Houston

Protein Power Bites

Chef Joy Houston gives you this recipe packed with protein, phytonutrients, fiber and omega-3s. You can whip up these mini raw, vegan protein bars quickly and easily. Great for kids and grownups alike.

Almond Milk Chef Joy Houston

Two Ways To Make Almond Milk

Here is a video that shows you two ways to make almond milk, the old school way and the quickie version that requires no soaking!


Best Raw Vegan Protein Shake

Here is the recipe for my favorite raw, vegan protein shake. This is the drink I use as a meal on-the-go when I am short on time but want to be high on superfoods.


Warrior Way: A 30 Day Vegan Challenge

If you are up for a challenge that will help you create new habits, integrate new foods and fitness routines, then join Playboy model Marzia Prince for fitness and me for food. We’ve got you covered.

Chef Joy Houston on NBC

Getting the Glow: As Seen on NBC

Getting the glow is easy if you remember these simple skin basics NBC invited me to share.

Fresh Pressed Organic Juices

Fresh Pressed Organic Juices and Spa Treatments

Doesn’t it seem like a no brainer that people who are willing to invest in facials and massages would prefer drinks that will maintain the beneficial results for longer?  Especially if they got a little info about how and why they could support the skin and body,  who wouldn’t want refreshing organic juices in all […]


Are you vacuuming with an iron?

Men and women are very different tools that both work amazingly well for their intended purposes. Expecting men to behave like me was like expecting and iron to pull all the dirt off the carpet.

The Bing: A Green Juice by Chef Joy Houston

The Green Drink Taylor Baldwin Loved

Here is the recipe for the green drink I call “The Bing”, named after our dear friend Bing who had nearly sworn off vegetables except potatoes. I served it to Taylor Baldwin on Prime Time and she loved it. Try it for yourself.

Chef Joy Houston on Prime Time with Taylor Houston

On Prime Time with Taylor Baldwin

The gorgeous Taylor Baldwin from Prime Time gets surprised that a green juice that can help you with your New Year’s resolution for weight loss and improved health can taste so delicious.