Calphalon Stands Behind Their Products

Calphalon is hands down my top choice for non-stick pans.  Pricey?  Certainly more than your standard issue pan from any store that ends in mart, but worth every damn penny.  I am meticulous about caring for my pans; silicone utensils, sponges not scrub pads, no soaking to soften the surface.  You name it if there […]

Baby’s First Foods

Healthy eating and the benefits it brings to me and my family are a top priority for me. Now that it’s time to introduce my son to foods I find myself less than excited about the recommendations I get from our pediatrician.  The fact that doctors are given almost no nutritional training becomes glaringly obvious […]

75% Fresh Produce and 25% Foods That Make Produce Taste Great

Revolt from the standard Recommended Daily Allowances and get healthy, loose weight, feel great while enjoying delicious foods. This is cross platform eating at it’s finest, your source for easy healthy recipes from vegetarian meals, vegan cuisine, raw foods to the good ol’ meat eating world. Healthy meals made easy. When you eat plenty of […]

Creamsicle Cravings

One of the sweets I wanted to emulate with healthier sweets was the good old fashioned orange creamsicle. Now when I was a kid this was actually made with regular sugar, fruit juice and ice cream, but take a look at the ingredients list on a box of those things nowadays and you’ll need a […]

Pear Slushy beats a Slurpee Any Day

Avoid the high fructose corn syrup and excessive food coloring in Slurpees or Icees by giving your kids this healthy alternative. Save the juice from canned pears or peaches and toss the liquid and any small bits of fruit left in the blender with ice. Provided you are using organic fruits canned in white grape […]

High Fructose CornSyrup

The Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup: Don’t Sugar Coat it

The is no powdery sugar coating on how I feel about high fructose corn syrup. Decide whether or not it belongs in your diet and that of your children after you read this honest take on this highly processed sweetener.

Partial to Parsley

I can’t say I’m really big on parsley. It’s great in tabouli after it’s been marinated in the lemon and olive oil and spices that give the dish such flavor. I manage to squeeze some parsley into our diet via my raw versions of falafel and “neat”balls. But for how detoxifying and full of chlorophyl […]

All Health Is Breaking Loose

You could be crushed under the weight of reports and publications declaring bad eating habits as the root of all evil. Obesity has officially replaced smoking as the lead cause of cancer. Our children are the first generation to have a shorter lifespan than us! It’s easy to look around and to point the finger […]

Cocina Club Sunday Brunch

There is a lovely group of food fanatics that put on a Sunday brunch for San Diego epicureans. The food is for the most part organic, and entirely orgasmic. Served in a lazy atmosphere that offers your choice of tables or thai-style lounge areas, the food is fresh and satisfying. I went with a close […]