5 Minute Summer Dinner

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Zucchini Pasta: gluten free pasta that’s ready in 5 minutes

As summer weather gets hotter, zucchinis are coming on faster.  That means you’ll have a lot in the garden , or if you have ot buy them they should be very well priced.  To make delicious use of zucchini, try this fast, raw food recipe.  It is sure to please AND since you don’t have to boil a stock pot of water, you’ll keep the kitchen cool.

2-3 zucchini (spiral cut)
2 ripe tomatoes
1 cup sun dried tomatoes
½ red pepper
10-15 fresh basil leaves
¾ to 1 teaspoon sea salt
fresh cracked black pepper
½ cup olive oil

Directions: Start by using a vegetable spiralizer (complete list of raw food kitchen tools – including the spiralizer) to transform the zucchini into gluten free pasta.  Drizzle with olive oil and a dash of garlic powder then toss to coat well.  Set noodles aside.

Make marinara by putting all ingredients except olive oil in the Vita-Mix and blend.  Once misture is smooth add olive oil through the top of the blender while the blades are turning.  Blend well.

Top spiral cut zucchini with  marinara and chopped fresh basil. Serve.

This recipe is featured on the raw food detox diet, Rocking Body Raw Food, along with a wide variety of other ways to prepare this gluten free, fiber rich version of pasta with various sauces. Take a tour of this weight loss detox program and you’ll see that this 14 day course is guided by your raw food video chef, Joy Houston and includes hundreds of video tutorials, menu plan, shopping lists, and recipes as well as comprehensive training videos and education on the science behind raw food nutrition.  If you are ready for a weight loss detox diet that works, tastes great, and involves eating delicious foods and no starvation

Ready to go raw for two weeks with a chef guided video for every meal??

Take a tour of the Rocking Body Raw Food site. It is a weight loss detox program with Raw Food Chef Joy Houston that includes hundreds of video tutorials, menu plan, shopping lists, and recipes as well as comprehensive training videos and education on the science behind raw food nutrition. If you are ready for a weight loss detox diet that works, tastes great, and involves eating delicious foods and no starvation then this is the weight loss detox for you.

What will you look like in your Rocking Body?


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  • Thank you Joy!
    My family and I just had your zucchini pasta…wow! Bursting with flavor!
    We will never have pre made sauce again 🙂

  • Joy

    Glad you and your family enjoyed it. This is our “fast food”meal because we can whip it up so quickly. The subject of whether or not it is healthy never comes up because all the family notices is that they love it.

  • Hi Joy,

    Is that you on the cover of your book? If so, damn!
    My girlfriend Andrea has gone raw and she and are both so impressed with you. Such positive energy and attitude towards life and eating!

    How is your raw food clinic going? We’re eager to hear.

  • Joy

    Thank you! Yes. The 8 week clinic is going very well. We had the second class today and it was a topic that could easily be scientifically overwhelming, but I did my best to break down the essential facts about essential fats and I think it went well. The group asked great questions and we went over exactly how the raw fod diet supports a very healthy balance of omega 6s yo omega 3s.
    How long has Andrea been raw?? Maybe she would like to be a veteran commentator for our groups forum.

    Thank you for the compliment and for being in the conversation!

  • Joy

    She’s been raw for nearly two months. And she thinks that’s not long enough to be a commentator. What do you think?

    I’ve been mighty impressed with her discipline.

    We live together and though I haven’t gone raw, her commitment has had a very healthy impact on my diet. I’m eating a lot more fruits and veggies, and more organic.

    People often ask, “why raw?”, when I mention Andrea’s experience, and though I’ve done some studying on the topic and have a decent response I still feel like it lacks depth. I give a brief description of plant enzymes and their impact on digestion.

    What do you tell people who are looking for some basic scientific answers? I was thinking it would be a great if you’d video tape a science based answer to the question, “Why Raw?” (If you haven’t already).

  • Joy

    If she isn’t comfortable, that is fine. She can always come aboard when she wants to. I answer the question, “Why raw?” with a three part answer; enzymes, alkalizing, and what you are NOT eating wen you eat raw. The more scientific stuff comes in when I start debunking the VERY deeply ingrained myths about protein and calcium. Many people are emotionally invested in the idea that meat and cheese provide them their much needed protein and calcium. While these are important elements in our diet, animal sources are not necessary and in the amounts they are consumed in the S.A.D., I believe they are doing more harm than good.
    You can find some of my talks on this on my YouTube channel. I will post a video here on protein and calcium to share some of the science that might be helpful for you.

    In the end it is only important that you and your girlfriend are getting the results you want from your diet- not whether or not you get support from everyone around you. There are more and more raw food groups starting up. Check out MeetUp.com to see if there is one near you guys.


  • Great Answer Joy!

    I’ll look for the video on protein and calcium. It will certainly help me be a better educator:)

    You’ll be happy to know that we are feeling great about our diets and what we’ve learned from you and others.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  • Brian

    I got lucky and found what looks to be that exact same machine at Goodwill in what looked like brand new condition for only $6. I decided that that find was a good enough excuse to try this. My wife was very skeptical about it so I tried it one night when it was just me and our son. It is as easy and quick as you say to make the noodles. My son liked watching it and playing with the core piece of zucchini. When I showed him the 6ft long noodle he wanted to eat that just as is and ate 5ft of it before putting the last bit in the sauce. As you can guess he liked the zucchini spaghetti.

    I used the same sauces that we normally use for the first couple of times. It can be easier to switch out one thing at a time with the kids to get them to realize that they still like it. I will try your sauce soon.

    I have to say that I never really enjoyed making pasta, but I will make this in a heart beat. Thank you, as this is now a second item from your web site that holds a regular place in our house. (Home made almond milk is the other.)

  • Joy

    It is lovely to hear that your family has adopted recipes from The Delicious Revolution! I was, like you, very skeptical about this vegetable spiralizer. And I should share that I’ve tried other versions of this gadget that gave me good reason to feel doubtful about the results this machine gives. The noodles created by spiral cutting zucchini or summer squash are much preferred to conventional pasta options at our house and it sounds like they are going over well in your home as well. I admire your one-step-at-a-time approach! Keep me posted. And if you have any specific changes you are looking to make or foods you want to include, please let me know. I will share any recipes & tips I might have on the subject.

    Eat like your life depends on it. It does!

  • Do I need a Vita-Mox to make these recipes?

  • Joy

    The Vita-Mix or the BlendTech are the preferred blenders for making raw food dished that you intend to belnd to the point of warmth or to attain a smooth creaminess with soaked nuts. So, in short- yes! You are better off with a Vita-Mix.

  • selfinthecity

    Love this joy!!! Can’t wait to make it!

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