Live Raw Food Class in San Diego

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May 21st from 2:30 to 5:30pm at Cups Culinary Kitchen in La Jolla. Click the image to the left to see the full size flier or click HERE to book. Reserve your seat early, the maximum class size is 16 people to assure everyone gets the attention they need to master the gourmet raw food techniques taught in this class.

Join me for an afternoon of culinary fun!
I will be teaching you how to make a Latin feast of living foods. This is a fun class because it is interactive. No sitting in your chair watching raw cuisine preparations, this is hands on.  We will review the menu together, go over the steps in each recipe and then split up to make each dish.  I will pop from cooking station to cooking station to ensure you have all the guidance you need.  When we finish, we will all sit down together to dine on the feast we create together. As we enjoy our food, each person can share the process of making the dish they create.

So, What’s On The Menu?

  • RAWgritas – a booze free version of the classic
  • Horchata made with almonds
  • Nachos topped with a raw/vegan cheese made from macadamia nuts
  • Jalapeno Poppers stuffed with cashew cheese and given a mock fried coating of spicy peanuts
  • Tortilla Soup topped with Chunky Pineapple & Avocado Salsa
  • Taco Salad, complete with a vegetable pate that insures you won’t “miss the beef”
  • for dessert Mexican Hot Chocolate Pudding with Dulce De Lech Creme Caramel

Ok, now I’m getting hungry!  How ’bout you? If you are curious about living foods and gourmet raw cuisine, or if you just want creative new ways to incorporate more veggies & live foods into your menus at home,  this is a fabulous class for you.  The course is $70.00. You’ll learn the recipes above, along with simple instructions to vary them to create countless dishes at home.

Reserve your spot in the class now by booking on line now or  book by phone (858) 459-2877.


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