Superfood Superhero

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After experiencing what I can only describe as a blissfully, elevated feeling from trying some of the Superfood Smoothie Mix I received as a sample from Bright Earth Foods, I contacted the Oregon based company. To my surprise I was put in direct contact with a passionate and knowledgeable product specialist who was both an RN and something of a kitchen witch.  Not only did she answer all my nutrition and culinary questions, she also offered up alternative uses, resource sites, and she suggested I speak directly to the owner and CEO, Anderon Martel.  She explained the he had taken up residence in Tarapoto, Peru and offered to put me in touch with him the next time he “came out of the jungle to get internet access”.   I love it!  When is the last time you contacted a company and they put you in direct contact with the globe-trotting CEO?  The connection and introduction was made and I recorded the call below with Anderon.

Anderon Martel is the C.E.O. of Bright Earth Foods and the new superhero of Superoods. This man is raising the bar for the conscious, sustainable harvest and distribution of superfoods. You can taste and feel the difference in the foods he offers.
Anderon is highly sensitive to both the environmental and cultural impact the harvesting of superfoods has on a region and it’s inhabitants.  His innovative business structure and strong relationships with the indigenous people breaks away from the typical pattern of deforestation and mono-croping.
Many indigenous tribes resort to a destructive path of clearing forest lands to plant single produce crops which devastates both land and culture.  Because Anderon is acutely aware of the precious link between the ancient wisdom of these cultures, the health of their lands,  and how it relates to the quality of the superfoods he wants to export, he creates a very detailed demand for a naturally harvested supply.

Reverence for the generational transference of knowledge about harvesting and cultivation is built into the supply and demand chain created by Bright Earth Foods.  Anderon encourages the harvesting of wild crafted superfoods, and puts emphasis on the quality difference when foods are grown in their naturally symbiotic environments.  In essence, he has successfully created an income stream for the native tribes to continue harvesting as they have for hundreds of years, honoring their culture and allowing them to sustain their way of life.

Supporting Bright Earth Foods is using your dollars to vote for a world economy that supports us all, that encourages the continued care of our planet and the miraculously diverse cultures it hosts.  The most amazing thing about Bright Earth Foods is that the simplicity of their direct source model enables them to offer you superfoods of the highest quality without exorbitant prices.  You will find their foods are priced fairly in comparison to other brands. But you will also find a beautiful, unseen, ingredient that I can only assume comes from being part of the global community they are creating.

To encourage you to try these delicious superfoods imbued with the energy and power of conscious business practices, I will be featuring recipes on the site that highlight Bright Earth Foods.  The first recipe is not a new one, but it has been made infinitely better with the use of the Bright Earth brand raw cacao powder.  The look, smell and taste of this cacao is the bet I have ever enjoyed.  It makes the easy-to-make, raw cacao pudding (click to see full recipe) shown below even better.

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