The World’s Healthiest Newlyweds!

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Congratulations to Philip McCluskey & his beautiful new bride Casey!

The juicing and Raw Food Guru behind The World’s Sexiest Diet has found a partner in life that shares his passion for the power of foods & feelings to change lives.  After a long distance courting between New York & Australia, the two fell so deeply in love on a tour of the U.S. that there was no denying the fact that they belonged together.

So why get all gushy over this raw food romance?

The reason I am sharing the story of this romance with you is because I’ve seen Philip creating love in his mind and am astonished at how quickly it appeared in his life.  If you read about the love story on Philip’s site, you will learn that he met her in Australia on tour.  Right before that tour, he filmed the videos that were in a course I helped him build called The World’s Sexiest Diet.  During the hours of editing I did on the videos for that course I got to see him over and over and over and over again (that is the blessing and the curse of video editing!). There was one particular topic that he covered about creating your life with your thoughts.  It is a powerful segment of the course that I was happy to see repeatedly because it so inspired me.  In that video he talks about how he was currently creating romantic love in his life.  Low and behold after the making of that course he flew off to Australia and found the woman that would become his wife.

Someone to aspire to…

You would never know it by looking at him now, but Philip formerly lived in a 400 pound body.  He made a commitment with his mind and his heart that brought the healthy, fit body he has now into reality.  Next target?  Love with an aligned soul mate!  He manifested the connection that would evolve into his current marital bliss with grace, ease and shocking speed.  Anyone who has mastered the Power of Attraction to this degree is someone to watch.  Log on to his site.  Read his books and if you want a rapid transformation in your life, take his course The World’s Sexiest Diet.



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