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Bright Earth Foods

Superfood Superhero

Meet the new Super Hero of Superfoods, Anderon Martel, the CEO at Bright Earth Foods.

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Can something so gorgeous really be bad for you?

Raw Cacoa: Naughty or Nice?

Cacao: Naughty or nice?? There is so much conflicting info out there. Here is the best post and video I found on the topic, neither get too technical or one sided. Decide for yourself…

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Cacao Crispies

Who needs Coco Crispies when you can have these delicious Cacao Crispies made from buckwheat groats?  Buckwheat lowers blood glucose and insulin responses, softening the bodies reaction to that natural sweetener maple.  Read more about buckwheat’s health benefits here. You could use raw honey as the sweetener instead, but I have a one year old […]

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Getting Off The Bean

A Healthy Substite For Coffee That Tastes Great Want the java monkey off your back without headaches, cold sweats, and an ever-present fear of falling asleep at the wheel? This delicious raw beverage was created during a two week living foods cleanse to keep my husband from going postal on anyone within five feet of […]

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