Alkalize, Energize and Enjoy!

Alkalize. Energize. Enjoy.

There are three basic categories I take into consideration when I creating recipes, alkalizing, energizing, and enjoying.  The healing that is being accomplished with raw, living, and alkaline diets undeniably compelling. That is why balancing pH and including a high ratio of vegetables and fruits is the resounding theme of The Delicious Revolution.  But my obsession is with flavor, the enjoyment of each recipe is paramount. As a self taught chef with an unquenchable thirst for nutritional knowledge, the game I play in life is to follow the advancements of inspiring nutritional advocates and shape the foods they recommend into delicious meals that are a welcomed treat to the palate as well as a bounty of healing and wellness.

Tony Robbins has a succinct, straight-forward description of alkalizing in his audio series Living Health.  It is like the Cliff’s Notes version of the teachings of Dr. Robert Young.  Dig deeper if the concept resonates with you.  Having had the benefit of studying Dr. Young’s teachings,  I met countless people at his lectures  who healed themselves of everything from obesity to fully metastasized cancers.  The concept is simple, balance the body’s pH and wellness returns.  His premise is that acids, specifically the imbalance in body pH that they cause,  are the root of most disease and illness.  He maintains that with proper pH the body can handle nearly all forms of dis-ease.  I concur, but I also know people won’t be happy consuming only broccoli, avocados and almonds.  And that limiting one’s social life and culinary experiences to such extremes causes stress.  Stress, according to Dr, Young is very acidic.  Clearly we must be sure to add a heavy dose of diversity and flavor when implementing this nutritional knowledge in our diets.

Raw and living cuisine have shown equally, if not more compelling improvements in health.  Raw foodists believe that eating living food is the healthiest way to fuel the body. Why?  Because raw foods naturally contain all the enzymes needed to break them down (digest them). That means our body does not have to dedicate the finite number of enzymes we have to the mundane task of digesting food.  How do they propose keeping food enzymes intact?  By not heating food over 118 degrees.  Check out the work of David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens and Victoria Boutenko. Implementing a living foods diet can be as simple as adding more fresh produce, which is accomplished with the recipes in The Delicious Revolution.  My new book, Rocking Body Raw Food, offers a 14 day tour through raw foods.  It is a 2 week cleanse during which you learn how to prepare a wide range of living cuisine that you can incorporate into your everyday diet.  Living cuisine is my new culinary playground, so you will see more and more of it in my work.  I find consuming foods with their enzymes intact leaves me energized in a way that you must feel to believe (read more).  I promote a high-raw diet, as opposed to a strict 100% raw protocol to avoid feelings of restriction and limitation.

The palate is the portal across which healthy ingredients must cross in order to deliver their impact of wellness.  In other words, I don’t care how good it is for you, if it isn’t delicious  you won’t eat it.  Or maybe you will ,but you choke it down peppered with feelings of being obligated, or that you must suffer in order to be healthy. These negative thoughts and feelings diminish the overall health you are working towards.  I am a firm believer that you deserve to enjoy every meal.  Relishing food in a state of total enjoyment tops it with an unseen sauce of positive feelings that benefit health in ways we cannot yet comprehend.