Share Your “BIG WHY”

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Share your BIG WHY

Any challenge can be overcome with your BIG WHY.

No matter what you view as your barriers to health, getting clear on your BIG WHY will help you get there faster and enjoy the journey a lot more.

The hosts of Be Well Buzz, Larry & Oksana asked me the most common barriers I encounter in coaching people to meet their health goals quickly & efficiently.  You can get the full scoop on the top three barriers as well as a simple exercise to get to your BIG WHY – the single most important thing you can do for your health, in the video below.


For those of you who don’t have 30 minutes ( I get it!) to get through to the end segment on finding your BIG WHY, let the video fully upload, then go straight to the 16 minutes & 50 second mark. That is where we cover how to find your BIG WHY so you can get results fast.

Download Your Copy

If you’d like more support, download this complimentary PDF that gives you room to journal about it along with examples to get you started.

Once you have clarity around your BIG WHY, share it with us in the comments below!  The more you put your BIG WHY out into the world, the more support and momentum it gathers.  You never know who is here with you on this site that might connect you to help, funding, inspiration or support of some random kind that you can’t even predict.



One lucky winner will be chosen from all the comments below to join me in Rocking Body Revolution, a six week session for a private group of only 20 people who will receive …

  • one-one-one coaching with me
  • done-for-you, uber healthy meal plans with shopping lists & cooking videos
  • working out via video with the trainers who kick my ass into shape
  • access to my mentors in Naturopathic Medicine, Hormone Balancing, Chinese Herbalism, and even Organization and LOVE (yes- you need love to be healthy!)
  • weekly group calls

CLEAN FOOD – actually for 5 of the days you only get CLEAN juice ;o)
PURIFYING MOVEMENT – sweat it out, tone it up, and get that lymph shakin’!
PLUS – commitment, accountability, support, knowledge- all of us diving in together for six straight weeks.

I can’t wait for May 6th when we get started. You can learn more about this six week private session HERE.

Post your BIG WHY below for your chance to join us- MY TREAT!

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  • Lisa T.

    Well June 15th is my birthday, and I really want to start eating cleaner and taking better care of myself. Ever since I have hit my forties my hormones have gone totally whacky. I really think that a healthier diet would help get them under control, or at least manageable. Sometimes I feel like I know what I need to do, I just need help putting it all together. I also have two girls ages 7 and 9. I want to be a good role model for them when it comes to nutrition. I want to be able to give them healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. I also want to start feeling better physically so I can keep up with them. I would love to be a part of your program. I know I would learn so much from all that you have to offer.

  • Joy

    Lisa, Thanks for going first! As a 43 year old mother of two- I hear ya! We select the winner this Saturday and will notify here and via email.
    My best to you,

  • Leigh J.

    “Petite, Passionate, & Peaceful” OR “All Dressed Up and Rarin’ to GO!”

    Can’t decide! I am a 45 year old mother and entrepreneur. When I was 23, I was hit by a car in Paris and almost killed. While my recovery exceeded expectations, I have some movement limitations, scar tissue, arthritis etc. I love using my body but can get frustrated and resentful at having to “manage” for my limits. I am strong and muscular but I feel huge and clunky according to societal standards.

    In writing my health goals, I realized they tie in to 3 core principles:
    1. behaving in *alignment* with my true priorities (eg resting instead of eating when I’m tired, eating LESS to feel lighter),
    2. experiencing a sense of peace and tranquillity (accepting my circumstances, knowing my actions honor myself),
    3. feeling ALIVE, energetic and passionate!

    I love everything you stand for, Joy, and the way you so generously share it in support of the community. It would be an honor and a privilege to learn and study with you and see if I can really achieve and fulfill my BIG WHY!!! Thank you so much!

  • Joy

    Wow! Thank you for opening up and sharing your inspiring BIG WHY! It is my pleasure to give what I do here and I look forward to diving in with this small group for six whole weeks. The winner from the posts here will be announced Saturday.
    Thank you again,

  • Dina Pope

    My big why is overall health. I’ve seen so much heart disease, cancer and diabetes in my family and friends that has really opened my eyes to just how important our health is. I’m 51 years old and am hoping that these healty changes will keep me around to enjoy the lives of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!

    Joy you are such an inspiration and your recipies are delish! Thank You!

  • Joy

    Great BIG WHY Dina! My BIG WHY expired after I had my son Maverick- it had FOR SO LONG been to enjoy parenting with my husband. With that accomplished, it was time for a new BIG WHY! SO, my shinny new BIG WHY is to be a happy, healthy, hottie G-ma (grandma) to Maverick’s kids. Having a son at 38 and looking forward to celebrating Maverick enjoying the same thrill we have in raising him is my new BIG WHY. Not only will I get to have BIG FUN with his kids-I’ll get to send them home at night & have sexy time with my husband! I’m excited to get in the best shape of my life over the next six weeks and, in doing so, create habits that last my lifetime.
    Thank you Dina!

  • Heather

    Wow, Joy. My big why is very similar to what your big Why was. Obviously with some differences but here goes; My husband and I have been married for 4 years and for the last year and half we have been trying to conceive. We have been unsuccessful so far, which has been really hard because I want sooo badly to make child with him. To be able to watch that love grow into something is one of the things I want so desperately in my life. Additionally it is made a bit harder because my husband has Type 1 diabetes, Hashimotos and we recently found out that he has a very very low sperm count. Not to mention myself, I am battling some weird sort of Autoimmune Chronic Hives thingy which is quite a stressor all on its own. It is sooo hard for us to watch other couples with children! Both my sisters are popping kids out like it is going out of style, sending me numerous pictures of their gorgeous children, and it makes me just want to die. Funny enough, how things can take that dark turn and how easy it can become to feel that “un-inspired” feeling. But back to the WHY, because that is the important thing, this is my why; I feel that if I take these steps toward my health, I can inspire my husband to take similar steps and together we can finally get PREGNANT 🙂

  • Carrie Kennedy

    I currently have loads of whys. I really have a lot of reasons to “shape up” in more ways than one…they all point to overall health, but something is missing and I can’t figure that out. I just can’t seem to DO IT. In February I took time off work for 6 months to help me figure this all out and it is almost May and I have yet to…maybe you can help???!!! I feel like I’m running out of time! I “know” what to do, I just can’t do it…maybe there is something wrong with me?!

  • Kim

    The time is NOW!!! This is my mantra…this is my “WHY”

    This life ain’t no dress rehearsal!!

    I have spent SO many days, actually years, in the place of “I’ll start Monday” or, well it doesn’t matter anyway, or telling (actually lying to) myself that I didn’t have a problem or could stop on my own… All the while living miserably, isolating and most importantly hating (loathing) myself. I’ve battled an eating disorder (anorexia / bulimia) for over 20 years. I am now 45 and completely exhausted, broken and sick and tired of being sick and tired. I no longer will allow to be robbed of my health, my spirit, my life. I long to actually live!! To live out my passions and dreams. Many, many years ago…I was an avid runner, instructor of step aerobics, rebounding and was certified as a personal fitness instructor. These are still my dreams, but they have been so buried since my health has progressively declined. I can barely walk up a flight of stairs…have not run since 2004 and that completely breaks my heart. I AM DONE!! Nothing I’ve tried or done to stop this behavior on my own or even 2 treatment centers have ever helped..but for some reason (divine intervention), I was lead here…to Raw Revolution. And, Joy… when I watched your amazing video and the offer of this program…something just clicked and I just knew my time had come…I surrender…I am ‘divorcing this eating disorder’ I am worthy of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual strength. This is exactly what your program is offering…I can see my passions up ahead, and I am ready. That’s WHY!!! To Live in health, in life and peace. And also to have a healthy relationship with food, and maybe and man someday. (embarrassingly, I am single (never married) and haven’t had a date since 2004. This is one of the many things that the ED has stolen from me… Well, I want payment!!

  • Kim

    Thank you Joy! You…are an amazing woman!! When a person ‘sees what they want for themselves” they do what they are doing!! And that is what YOU are doing. I want that.

    a most sincere Thank you.

  • My BIG WHY is … to get back in the game after breast ca radiation coupled with menopausal hormonal flux. UGH. I used to be ON FIRE and now I feel just smoldering. I know raw is the way, just need the HOWs. xx

  • Ness

    My big why… My daughter. After 13 years living with her incurable illness and being on hand 24/7, she is my reason why! Now she is on a more level playing field it’s time for me to catch up with myself and get me back on track!

  • Leigh Johnson

    Joy, i already submitted a Big Why for myself… but after reading your email today, I just want to add one more piece: to be part of a healing amazing community that experiments fully with “walking the talk” to create as much health in the universe (and for YOU who certainly deserve it!) as we possibly can! If I can improve my habits, and support others in their goals, I add more healing energy to the universe and everyone who needs it. Wow, pretty neat.

  • Joy, I already submitted my why also but I wrote it too quickly and I actually have been thinking about it since then. My big why of course has to do with my family. I have 2 small kids who have stomach issues and we struggle to find healthy food good for them. I have been suffering from certain hormone imbalances for years and I haven’t been feeling well. I know what to do, I have been making your recipes for months, I know what to do. For some reason I just can’t follow through. When I don’t feel well I can’t push through and I end up eating food that doesn’t help! It is a viscous circle and I can’t get out. I need to be healthy to take care of my family, they need me and they need to be healthy. It breaks my heart to hear my 5 year old complain of pain all the time. I know this lifestyle can work, so far I have lost 60 pounds and am now off of my diabetes medication!!! I’m currently taking time off of work to focus on me…this is perfect timing! My why doesn’t involve cancer but it does involve diabetes, my family, and a quest to become happy and healthy! I would love to do this with you and I know your help is exactly what I would need to finally pull through…thank you for this opportunity and I wish you the best of luck through this!

  • My Big Why is SIX immediate family members with thyroid cancer…including me, my two daughters, my two sisters, and one niece. I would love to commit myself to a lifestyle that would not only benefit me, but inspire my other family members as well. And who knows, perhaps we can alter the genetic course of future generations by ending this chain of thyroid cancer simply by putting the right things into our bodies, adding more movement to our day, and ultimately feeling terrific. Joy, thank you for the opportunity to share. I love your videos, your energy, and your enthusiasm!

  • Kathleen

    My BIG WHY… Last summer I purchased a juicer and Vitamix and went mostly raw and exercised for a couple months. My vibration completely changed, as did my body. Unexpected opportunities opened up. My vision improved (both with physical eyes and with my mind’s eye). When stressful times came, I reverted back to over indulgence. Now that I have had a glimpse at how life really is when I love and cherrish and care for my body, I choose LIFE for my future. As Abraham Hicks says, “You are knowing what you are wanting? And you are enjoying the contrast?” The contrast has created rockets of desire. I want to really LIVE.

  • Merilee

    MY BIG WHY- Overall health, wellness and living a balanced life have always been something I strive to attain. I am a very self disciplined person and eating healthy and educating myself on the types of foods I should/shouldn’t be eating have always fascinated me. I have tried to input this into my daily life creating time slots for the preparation it takes to be able to eat the way I feel our bodies were made to eat without the processed garbage. Recently though I feel that I have fallen off the straight and narrow path that leads to an overall healthy life. Being in and out of the hospital with my husband who has been dealing with multiple medical conditions I no longer have had the time and energy to meal plan and do the work/research it takes to live a raw “foodest” life. But after taking care of my husband what I realized my husband needs along with my care is my time to help our family get back on the path to a life that is in balance with overall health. I know many people are very deserving of this wonderful opportunity you are giving. But it would be such a wonderful blessing to have the accountability and meal plans to help jump start me back on to the path I once was already living. “If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want.” ~Elbert Hubbard

  • My BIG WHY is to continue on my path to health and wellness. I have recently lost 50 lbs over 18 months eating healthy and working out, I still weigh 200. I am a mom of 2 under 10 and spend my days working full time then shuttling my kids to Greek school, baseball, softball and girl scouts. I am struggling with meal preparation and find myself giving in to the quick meals for my kids and blending my meals. My meals are nutritious but get boring, my kids not so much. I would love the opportunity to participate in your program so I can learn to prepare fresh healthy meals on a tight budget of time and raise healthy vibrant kids while taking care of myself too. I know your program is worth every penny but my budget does not allow me the luxury of your knowledge. Thank you for your consideration, may you heal with ease.

  • My Big Why is LOVE – I have recently decided to commit myself to inviting a strong, healthy, inspiring and loving relationship into my life. Something that will last a lifetime. In learning about and discovering what I need to do in order to attract this into my world, a certain quote jumped out at me and has not left my head since. “When you alter your relationship with yourself, your external world will alter accordingly”. I have lived a fairly healthy life to date, but the path to this commitment to health has been a harsh, critical, sometimes even demeaning practice of rules and self judgement, and I often wonder if it has done just as much harm as good. So as I look to find a strong healthy inspiring and loving relationship in my life, I must first look to LIVE a strong, healthy, inspiring life, and be loving and accepting of myself while doing so, so that I can offer THAT to my partner when I finally find her.

  • I love everyone’s WHYs. Can we all win? lol

  • Congratulations Bill Bonnefil- you win. LOVE trumps all and the fact that you bring a very common issue to the table. The idea that far too many are extremely harsh on themselves when it comes to their diet & fitness choices is something i can help with. And sharing the workarounds for that common struggle will be my absolute pleasure.

    Thanks to ALL of you for sharing your BIG WHYs!

  • Claire LeBlanc

    My Big Why? Health, to control my Diabetes and to feel better. I started changing the way I was eating last September 2013. I was so unhealthy, and unsatisfied with my food choices and constantly felt hungry. I was addicted to food. I began cutting out all carbs, processed food, meat, sugar, salt any thing that would be obviously genetically modified. I had been making green smoothies for over a year, I continued that and only ate fresh fruits and vegetables. It was was difficult for the first 3 months and I fell back and got back on track many times. I was detoxing off of all processed food. I began to crave only fresh food and healthy food. After 6 months of sticking to my guns and watching the numbers on the scale drop, I knew I had hit on a life style that was working for me. So far I’ve lost 38 Lbs. and have another 20-25 Lbs. to loose. My blood sugar is in normal range and never above 110. My mind is clearer, I have more energy and I feel great. After 6 month I am eating 90% raw organic food, the other 10% over a month is only meat that is natural about 3 times a month, some carbs, once a week, processed food about 2 times a month and only about a tablespoon of the unhealthy foods. I’ve been able to control my cravings extremely well after only eating raw living food.My why is going strong, my way of life has completely changed and I want to continue my healthy life style with the help and support of people that live this way already.

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