The Green Drink Taylor Baldwin Loved

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If you missed the episode of Prime Time with Taylor Baldwin in which she was pleasantly surprised at how delicious this green drink was, you can watch it here

Her reaction was classic! Obviously she liked the taste, but there was a fair amount of shock that is was so delicious.  Here is the recipe for the green drink I call “The Bing”. It is named after our dear friend Bing who had nearly sworn off vegetables except potatoes. He fell in love with this version of liquid veggies.  We honor him for taking a tasty step in the right direction.

The Bing

1 head celery (450 g)
1 bunch parsley (125 g)
1 bunch spinach (300 g)
4-6 kale leaves (165 g)
4 apples or red grapes(550 g)
1 cucumber (200g)

Juice all ingredients and enjoy.  This juice has a particularly velvety smooth texture when juiced on the Norwalk Juicer.

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  • Christina

    I made the drink with green apple, and it’s great! If I were to try making it with red grapes, how many would you recommend?

  • Joy

    Christina, I’m glad you like “The Bing”. If you wanted to use the grapes use 1 1/2 cups of grapes. I’ll get in there and adjust that on the text so everybody knows. Thank you! – Joy

  • Angie

    The drink is fabulous! I made it for my boyfriend, my Son and the neighbors. Thank you!

  • Joy

    Glad they dig it Angie! Doesn’t it feel great to give the ones you love juices they enjoy, all the while knowing how good for them they are. I feel like I am sneaking them some health in a juicy disguise.

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