Warrior Way: A 30 Day Vegan Challenge

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Nearly drowning in gratitude and bubbling over with excitement, I accepted the invitation by Sunwarrior to be the executive chef on their 30 day vegan challenge.  Not that saying no was an option because I worship the ground they walk on while making their delicious raw, vegan, organic non-GMO protein powders on.  And why would I say no?  I fell head over heels for their team the first time I met them.


Dave the Raw Food Trucker and Mike Eisenhart invited me to dinner one night after a long day of promotion at the Longevity Now conference.  As luck would have it, I was surrounded by the Sunwarrior family, and that is the best way to describe them.  These are no joke, committed peeps, in the business of health to help because, like me, they overcame some amazing medical hurdles using the power of raw and vegan foods.  As we enjoyed Chef Itto’s insanely amazing raw dishes at Au Lac (go there if you haven’t it is INSANELY good), I got to hear their stories and feel their passion for serving others buy lighting the way to a plant based lifestyle.  I was a fan immediately.


Fast forward through the creation of a 30 day menu plan, organizing some of THEE best raw and vegan Chefs to contribute, get in the studio and film with us, to the day I found out that Marzia Prince, goddess of fitness (she is living proof that her workouts are the BOMB) would be the fitness lead for the project.


I am so excited because with her fitness routines, plus 2 guest fitness pros each week, and my menu with two guest chefs each week, I feel strongly that this is the best and most fun 30 day challenge on the market.  The fact that it will support mainstream eaters through a 30 day tour of what is possible with a plant based diet and well rounded fitness made me glow.


If you are up for a challenge that will help you create new habits, integrate new foods and fitness routines, then come play with the fun team of professionals Sunwarrior put together to guide you toward the joys of plant based living.  You’ll be glad you did – and if for some reason you can’t get into delicious foods and hot fitness pros showing you the way, video by video, day by day- that’s cool  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


I hope to see you in the course.  I’ll be there to support you and answer questions along with the whole team. What are you waiting for? Your inner Warrior is waiting to bust on out and enjoy life. Check out the team that will be supporting you…




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