3 Exercises for a Better Booty

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Shape, tone and firm your booty with 3 simple exercises!

Yuri Elkaim provides you with safe exercises that deliver results fast.  In this video, he gives you a routine that focuses on all three layers of muscle on your backside.  You will feel it the next day and you’ll see it in the mirror after one week.  Try these exercises and if you like them,  hook yourself up with his personal-trainer-in-your-pocket audio workout sessions.  No more personal trainer fees!  Cost effective, efficient workouts on your MP3 player! You can learn more about his iPod based workout sessions at FitterU.

Yuri and I met through the raw food community. We take a similar stance in that we both advocate the inclusion of lots of fresh, living foods without the fanatical, all-or-nothing approach that some raw food advocates push.  I highly recommend his 30 day cleansing program called The Total Wellness Cleanse and I’ve saved a bundle on personal trainer fees by using his FitterU iPod Workouts. In those training sessions you will see why the University of Toronto counts on Yuri as the Strength & Conditioning Coach for their Men’s Soccer program.

This guy is built like a rock. You could do your laundry on his abs, but he’s happily married with two genetically blessed little ones- so don’t even try it ladies! But you can take his genius exercises and implement them into your routine to get fabulous results very quickly.  Try the exercises in this post to get your sore and abs feeling and looking amazing.  For more exercise with Yuri, use his FitterU workouts and be sure to check back next week for the second video from Yuri just for you as a part of the Delicious Revolution.

Since I invest a fair amount in yoga classes every month, I love (and my husband REALLY loves) that I can get my cross training in for such a minimal expense.  My husband uses my membership too, so really it turns out to be an even better deal.  THANKS YURI!

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